Recipes/Meal Ideas

I’ve uploaded pictures and attached links to the entries of most of the recipes I’ve made/posted on my blog. I will try to, over time, post each recipe here without needing links!

In the meantime though…

Nutrient Loaded Pizza Sauce (there are veggies in there!)



Risotto by Paul (Guest Recipe)



Pasta from scratch



Delish Waffles




Amazing Bruschetta!




Garlic Croutons




White Bread from Scratch



Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever!



Fantastic Not Too Sweet Apple Pie!



Heath Bar Cookies (aka Toffee Deliciousness)



Chicken Burritos



Lentil Burgers



Crockpot Beef Stew



Core-Friendly Chili



Healthy (and Core style) Burritos



Superwoman High Protein Smoothie



Easy, super-healthy fruit dip



My favorite non-core pizza



In a fix, low-carb pizza



Awesome lentil soup



Quick stir-fry sandwich



Low-carb Pita Chips






Banana Soft-Serve (not my recipe!, from the internets!)





Easy-Peasy Hummus



Turkey Meatballs as a Meal





7 responses

  1. Oh… my… noms.
    Love your blog (I’m an injured used-t0-be runner) 😦 and the pics make me wish I liked cooking!! I LOVE cooking shows and food of course, but never have the patience to make anything. What inspires you to cook?

  2. Thanks a lot so much for your recipe, I cooked it today and all my friends loved it. Almost all had double helpings. Even my husband who normally does not like soup noodles said it is good! Maryanna Lupien

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