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4 responses

  1. Ok this is so very weird but I met you at the RTB relay very briefly. We ran the same over night leg. It was that windy, scary pitch dark road that a cop was patrolling. Anyhow, my teammate Mark and I were waiting with you at the transition station and you had those lights on your fingers. I was the short blond girl. Your runner came in first so you started ahead of me. When I was running I saw you finger lights on the ground on the road and I freaked,,,hahaha thought maybe someone took you. Ok so I am completely scared of night running. Anyhow, I don’t remember running by you but Mark told me that I did pass you. I was so scared I paced 7:20 for that leg hahaha. I stumbled upon your site because Ethan ran a killer race in New Bedford and I was doing a search on him to see his background. Then I came across your the RTB post and I was like OMG I remember that girl……small world!!

    • I do remember! That is SO funny! I remember you coming up behind me and another woman that were running together and then started chasing you, holding on to that pace for dear life–so thanks for that motivation!

      I hate running in the dark too (if you couldnt tell by my race report!). I think we had the scariest leg too–that first 2 miles was seriously spooky.

      Yes Ethan did have an awesome race (sub 5 minute miles?!?!) , check out his blog, too!!!

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