First Run in Lake Placid!

Woke up early this morning, but unfortunately I didn't sleep very well so I wasn't my normally perky self first thing in the morning!

Moseyed around for an hour, drinking a lot of water and munching on some crackers and decided to forego coffee and bring some caffeinated Clif Bloks instead. BAD DECISION. I pretty much felt awful for the whole 85 minutes, which stunk because I had built myself up to be so excited for a fun, fast run up here! Oh well–can't win them all!


There were my miles: 8:35 (all downhill!), 8:42, 8:52, 9:05, 9:17 (things are starting to go south right around here!), 9:28, 9:00, 9:17, 9:17, 9:57

Average HR: 155, Average Pace: 9:05


Proceeded to eat my new favorite protein bar, some fruit, and my leftovers from dinner last night, then fell asleep on the couch!


Since this IS vacation, I decided to follow up my nap with some shopping at the Gap Outlet (which was very successful) and a treat: grande hot passion tea!



I did some school work and then hit up the grocery store. I am one of those people that CANNOT go to the store without a list–but I did today and it actually worked out. I couldn't decide what to eat for dinner so I just bought a bunch of stuff that sounded good and threw it on my plate. Dinner was perfect!


Cucumber, snap peas, spinach and garlic chicken sausage, and fruit! With a few Sour Patch Kids for dessert, of course ūüėČ


Looking forward to another run tomorrow and hopefully meeting up with the rest of our friends that are driving up!



Lets talk about this week’s running…aka how to survive a heat wave

If you've been watching the news/weather, or live here, Im sure you know New England has been in the midst of a 7 day heat wave. The worst part has been the humidity. It has been pretty much 95 degrees with 85 percent humidity and a dew point in the 70's every day! Please don't read this as complaining though–just laying down the groundwork to explain my runs. I actually enjoy the hot weather-I just got up early to beat the sun.

I pretty much looked like this within seconds of finishing every run this week:


Every one of these runs started before 7, and all were at a dew point above 70. Practically swimming! I reallllllly wanted to hit 40 miles this week, and got close, but a wrench was thrown in the works–explanation below.

I try to average 153bpm for Zone 1 runs, which these all were.

Monday: 80 minutes, 9:22 min/mi, avg HR: 162 (I did 20 min Zone 2 at the end)

Tuesday: 75 min, 9:21 min/mi, avg HR: 154; 60 min ride

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: 60 min, 9:32 min/mi, avg HR: 158 (compensated pace for the weather!)

Friday: 45 min, 9:16 min/mi, avg HR: 154

Saturday: 60 min, 9:31 min/mi, avg HR: 161 (this was by far the toughest run of the week heat wise)

Sunday: 45 min, 8:42 min/mi, avg HR: 153 (THE HUMIDITY BROKE!)

Total: 39.24 miles

My plan was to do a split 90min run on Saturday (I was going to run 30 min in the afternoon) but out of nowhere the arch of my foot hurt something terrible for the entirety of my first run. It is a blessing/curse to be a massage therapist with a coach for a husband, because I know EXACTLY what that means and EXACTLY what I have to do to fix it. So my second run was put off to give me calf a rest and I did the protocol: calf raises/stretches, foam rolling, arch rolling on a tennis ball, and the worst: having PW dig his thumb into my calf ūüė¶

But, alas! It worked. And the pain was minimal during my run this morning. And it allowed to do a serious jig at the end of my driveway when I finished my run–I was ECSTATIC! I ran in the house straight away and challenged PW to run a race against me, thats how awesome I felt (he declined).

Its amazing how what the weather can do your runs without you knowing. I was so happy to be running 9:20's during the week–I forgot how much humidity affects your HR/effort perception!

Really looking forward to putting in some serious miles in Lake Placid next week–goal is over 40!



How changing my diet changed my running

So in my last entry I alluded to changing how I ate. I'm almost embarassed to write about it because it is such a fad, but for the sake of honesty (and the fact its changing my life!) I will.

I jumped on the bandwagon–I gave up gluten.

Now, am I allergic? No. Celiac's? No. Do I feel better without it? Absolutely. I guess you could say I am “sensitive” to it. It affects me in many ways – my digestive system, my energy levels, my mental state, my running!

Its been a little under two months since I gave it up–about 7 weeks with only 3 moments where I tried to eat it again. And those three times all resulted in bloating, feeling sick, headaches, etc.

I tried going Paleo and felt awesome–essentially Paleo is gluten-free because you are not eating grains, but I love dairy too much to give that up (and its a major protein source for me!) Thats what got me thinking about how the wheat as affecting me…

Its been 7 weeks and Ive lost 12 pounds. TWELVE POUNDS! Not having the bloating and always feeling full alone is worth the giving up of bread. I am not tired all the time. I wake up without feeling terrible and tired. My runs are better.

I would eat pizza or a sandwich or spaghetti and literally roll around holding my stomach about how full and awful I felt, how distended my stomach was–PDubs can attest to this.

So–thats it. Here are two pictures–the first is from the 2.5mile race I did in May at 126 pounds, the other from the Finish at the 50 5k I did at 117 pounds (my father is in both pictures because we did both races together–and spoiler alert–he beat me at both!)




I am not recommending anyone else give up gluten–I do it now because it works for me. There is a lot of research going both ways–it is good for you, its good for you in moderation, AND its terrible for you. Do your research, and see what works for you!



Ive been doing some thinking about this blog. I seem to go through phases on what I blog about–or even if I blog. I guess thats the benefit of it being my own site–I can post about whatever I want ūüėČ

HOWEVER, this week I was thinking about what I like to read about in other people’s blogs. The answer? Their training and their food. So I decided to start blogging about running again!

First, Id like to catch up on my training. Every year (it is inevitable, seriously) I end up getting overwhelmed by work and school and run sporadically for a couple of months. And it sucks–because when you do that you lose so much fitness, and all the work you put in leading up to that! I am going to try to break the cycle this year. How? BY SIGNING UP FOR ANOTHER MARATHON! The cure for me to run through the winter? A training plan with a LOT of running on it–the more miles assigned, the more likely I am to do it!

So, back in May after running off and on for months, I ran a two mile race with my father to benefit the One Fund for Boston. And it was miserable. The entire time I cursed my lack of running and the food I had eaten all winter–I ran that race heavier than I had been in a LONG time–126 pounds. And I could feel every. single. bowl. of. ice. cream. during those 8minute miles (at a HR of 178, seriously). That was the kick in the butt I needed to start running again! Here are the following weeks of training.

May 20 – May 26: 2 runs, 6 miles total

May 27 – June 2: 24.5 miles, average pace 10:45/mi

June 3 – June 9: 19.6 miles, average pace: 10:20/mi

June 10 – June 16: 17.7 miles, average pace: 9:55/mi

June 17 – June 23: 28.7 miles, average pace: 9:45/mi

June 24 – June 30: 34 miles, average pace: 9:30/mi (this was LP camp! lots of running/recovery)

July 1 – July 7: 17.3 miles, average pace: 9:40/mi

*This was a recovery week and included a 5k on Wednesday that week (race report coming soon!)

July 8 – July 14: 33 miles, average pace: 9:23/mi

So, Consistency. All of the runs were done at the same average heart rate–smack in the middle of Zone 1. I was a miserable, miserable person during that first month when running between 10:45 and 10 minutes miles. My husband was hiding from me because I was blaming him for me being “slow”. Now, is that actually slow? No, of course not. I was angry because when I stopped running in November I had been running sub 9’s in the same HR zone. And because it felt AWFUL. My legs wanted to go faster, I was bored, but my HR was just so high!

BUT PROGRESS! This week has been pretty miserable in terms of weather in MA. Well, “miserable”. I actually love it but my running does not ūüôā I have been up at 6am every day to have my runs done by 8am at the latest because otherwise it is a sufferfest. 6:30am runs are just half-sufferfest (humidity, but no sun yet). Looking forward to running in Lake Placid next week–cool, dry, and flat!

Since I bit the bullet and did this post (the most time intensive one trying to calculate all the data above!), I am feeling much more motivation to post! Tomorrow morning: I alluded to running that 2.5 mile race heavier than I’d like, so Ill post about what changed!

Also—race report from the Finish at the Fifty 5k with about a gazillion pictures!

Hyannis 10k Race Report

This was the 3rd 10k of my life. ¬†I ran this exact race once before in 2006–in 53:01, an average pace of 8:31. ¬†I was supposed to run the half that year but had awful IT Band issues, and bumped down to the 10k. ¬†In July of 2010 I ran the Running With the Wolves 10k, completely blew up, and ran a 51:10 (8:14 pace).

I was going into this race just begging for a PR!  Luckily (for my coach!) I got it.

The race started at 10, so we headed over to the hotel to get dressed, wait in the bathroom line, socialize, and pick up our bibs.  You know, the usual.  It was chilly, and starting to snow/rain, so I was unsure of what to run in.  I went with tights, a craft shirt, and a wind vest.

Headed out to warm-up, and only got 8 minutes in before they started calling us to the start line. ¬†Unfortunately the start chute was PACKED, so Michele (a QT2-er) and I got stuck in the middle/back of the pack which would haunt me! ¬†You see, once we started, despite being in the “7 minute mile pace area”, we were STUCK! ¬†There were packs of people running together at a conversational pace, and it was so hard to get around them. ¬†I must have said excuse me 100 times. ¬†Once we got to mile 2 it cleared out, and I was able to settle in.

Coach PW had told me to go out at a 7:20 pace, and I held onto that with all my might.  I wanted that pace so bad that I took a Double Latte Power Gel before the race started AND another one 15 minutes into that race!  Caffeine is a wonderful, wonderful thing.

Okay, so let’s get down to business:

Mile 1 – 7:20 Average HR: 189
-A lot of dodging and weaving but otherwise slightly downhill and uneventful.

Mile 2 – 7:21 Average HR: 194
-Pretty much the same as Mile 1. I actually thought to myself “Hey, this isnt that bad, maybe Im not going hard enough?”

Mile 3 – 7:25 Average HR: 196
-This is the mile where I took the second gel.

Mile 4 – 7:39 Average HR: 196
-This is where I started to lose it. The pace slowed, so I got worried and tried to pick it back up. Mostly because PW had told me there was a hill at Mile 5 and I didnt want it to kill the average pace!

Mile 5 – 7:46 Average HR: 198
-This is clearly where the long hill was! Somehow, my HR continued to climb. Evidence I was trying to push it, I guess!

Mile 6 – 7:30 Average HR: 199
-For some reason the last mile is the easiest to me. The whole race my plan was to just to leave everything out there the last mile. I kept saying to myself “You can do anything for a mile!”

Last .2 – 6:43 mi/min pace Average HR: 203
-I pretty much resigned to puke at the end of the race once I hit the end of Mile 6. I was legit sprinting, because of course I had a guy racing with me! Lucky for me (and more lucky for him) I did not in fact puke. And I cannot even remember which one of us won the sprint!

Final time: 46:15, Overall average pace 7:29 (the race clock has me a at 46:08 with an average pace of 7:28)

Overall Average HeartRate: 196   Max HeartRate (during race): 206

Nine seconds/mile off where I wanted but considering this race was at the end of my biggest week of running this season, I am really happy with it!!

And a 5 minute PR to boot, can’t ask for more!

Looking forward to the New Bedford Half Marathon on March 20th….my first half-marathon EVER!

Fitness is coming along, so I guess my biggest limiter right now is body comp. Does that means its time to step away from the Girl Scout Cookies?  BOO to that!!

PW also updated his blog with a race report here–he was 6th overall and ran a 1:16, it is worth the read!

Weekly Run Recap

Another week into the 2011 season is complete. We had some very unseasonably warm temperatures here this week (you know, after the blizzard), that allowed me to run in shorts the last couple of days!

I am going to start posting my end of week summary…so at least I have record of it somewhere!

Monday– 30 minutes ZR (recovery) (3 miles)
Tuesday– 75 minutes treadmill (8.7 miles)
Wednesday– Had too much fun Tuesday and had to take the day off!
Thursday– 60 minutes treadmill (7 miles)
Friday– 40 minutes treadmill (with sister-in-law!) (4.7 miles)
Saturday– 45 minutes OUTSIDE! (super flat and fast 5.5 miles–8:30 average pace!)
Sunday– 83 minutes outside, in shorts, in my old stomping ground! (hilly 9.2 miles)

Total– About 38 miles for the week.

Next week is 33 miles (along with 2 bike rides per my New Years Resolution!), followed by a recovery week with another…yep, you guessed it: 5k!

My Zone 1 pace continues to drop, which is of course exciting. The only thing holding it back from being the fastest it can be is the same old thing: body comp. I just love guacamole too much! And its hard to think about summer races when it’s January, cold, and I am hungry!

I did start the day off right though. Pre-run fuel was a Medium Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee (skim milk and 1 sugar please!) and this, which is the first I have EVER made:

Also, currently snacking on these, my favorite fruit of the season:

To end this post, a little math humor (extra funny because I always say “FOILED!” when something doesn’t go my way!)