Hi!  I am Courtney, aka ThatRunnerChick.  I figured it was high time I made an About Me page for the blog!

I started ThatRunnerChick.com in March of 2010 as a way to keep track of my workouts and my daily food intake as I trained for my first marathon.  It has since evolved to also include race reports, recipes, and tales from teaching and my day to day life!

I currently live in Massachusetts with my husband and 2 dogs.  My husband, PW, is a full-time triathlon coach and I am a high school math teacher.  (Lucky for us, we both have our dream jobs, and truly enjoy what we do!)  I am also a licensed massage therapist, and all around fun gal.  PW and I eloped in October of 2009 in Kona, Hawaii, just 4 days before he competed in his first Ironman World Championships.


I love cooking (and eating!) and recently added a Recipes/Meal Ideas tab to my blog, which I am really excited about.  I really enjoy creating and tweaking recipes, especially core-friendly ones, and photographing them of course!  I, like a lot of healthy living bloggers, struggled with weight for years.  I started running and focusing on my diet (and following The Core) and was able to successfully lose and keep off 50 pounds.

I completed my first marathon in October 2010 in Lowell Massachusetts.  I am now training for another in October of 2011!



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  1. Hi Courtney I actually just found your blog and am excited for tons of reasons. First congrats on the marathon. I am pretty close to Lowell, I am sorry I could not be there. My first is coming up in October so would love any advice. Second, love your blog too cute.If you ever need a runner buddy, i am always looking for someone to kick out the long runs with, even this coming weekend. finally, I see your a massage therapist! I actually am looking for someone for an event, lets talk! Sorry if this is all over the place, can’t wait to catch up 🙂

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