Juicing for Athletes…and supplements

Last year, we started juicing. It has made a pretty big difference for both of us. I haven't gotten sick since we started, and recovery is way faster. PDubs did a lot of research about what we should be juicing (what each fruit/vegetable does for you). This is what we came up with:










We also sometimes add cilantro, parsley, watercress, or wheatgrass. That mostly depends on the season and what grocery store we are at! I try to buy all organic fruits and vegetables for when we are juicing.

The above loot makes about 11 ounces of juice for two people–the orange makes it tolerable 🙂 Depending on where we are in training/race schedules, we will try to do this every day–sometimes we have to skip a day, but it really has become routine (half the battle!)





I eat pretty well, but try to fill in any gaps with supplements. Above is what I take almost every day. The multi-vitamin and the fish oils are both a daily occurance. Cannot stress the importance/benefit of quality Omega's for recovery!! I started the probiotic when I started having stomach/gluten issues and it helped–I dont use it every day anymore though! The Viactiv calcium chews (which, side note, are delicious) I eat whenever I know I didnt eat much dairy of calcium rich food that day.

So, thats how we stay healthy over here. Let me know if you have any juicing questions (or specifics!)



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