This Week’s Running

My goal again this week was to hit 40 miles. AFter the 5k though…phew. You know when you take a rest week and it could go either way? You'll either not be able to WAIT to get to a “normal” week or….you'll be ready just to “take a little more time off” (which in my case, every year, ends up in 3 months off and a complete loss of fitness). Well, I was right on the edge of that. I did the race on Saturday, took Sunday off…and Monday…and REALLY wanted to take Tuesday off and eat ice cream but I knew any more than two days off is gluttonous and the loss of fitness really does begin after 2. So I put on my big girl pants and headed up with the goal to just get some miles in. And then took Wednesday off 🙂 Made it tough to get to 40 but Thursdays run was so awesome it inspired me to hit the goal!

Monday: OFF

Tuesday: 60min, Avg Pace: 9:25 min/mi, Avg HR: 156 (a wee high! foreshadowing for the week)

Wednesday: OFF (accidental OFF, just wrecked from 5k)

Thursday: 90 min, Avg Pace: 9:15 min/mi, Avg HR: 155

Friday: 60 min, Avg Pace: 9:30 min/mi, Avg HR: 153

Saturday: 60 min, Avg Pace: 9:26, Avg HR: 158 (mega oops!)

Sunday: 90 min, Avg Pace: 8:53, Avg HR: 155

Total: 39 miles even

So, I had intended to make either Friday or Saturday a split run (60 in the AM and then 30 in the PM) but out of the blue, IT band pain (in my knee) blindsided me. I have not had an IT issue since…2007? So it surprised me and I went Defcon 5 on it. A tiny twinge on Friday, and then Saturday the second half of the run HURT. So, I went home and did the protocol: Fish Oils (Zone Omega 3's!), Normatec recovery boots, ate a LOT, rolled and stretched until I couldnt see straight, AND got a different pair of shoes for today's run. Verdict? Not even a smidge of pain today, woop!

Got to do a 90 minute run today in the land of farms and flat roads (aka Bridgewater)–one of my FAVORITE old routes. Thinking that might become a staple in our weekly schedule now–its hard to have to go”hard” the entire time and have quick legs (as opposed to going up hill and having it easy on the downhills like at home!)

One more week of 40 miles (base, baby, base!)…a little more spread out than this week!…. then I will start adding in some tempo to hopefully get that Zone 1 pace up. Looking forward to the cooler temperatures coming up but also dreading I wont be able to run at 7am anymore when school starts!


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