CMS 5k Race Report

We are soooo lucky to have a weekly 5k here in town. It is $5 for non-CMS members (Central Mass Striders–a running club), and it is always on–rain or shine! There was a pretty big group today, having something to do with the perfect weather I am sure!

We went to a birthday party Friday night where I ate an unearthly amount of chicken wings and popcorn. Not exactly setting myself up for success! However, my stomach was still a wreck from the 3 days of gluten leading into it so too much fat was the least of my problems!

I checked the QT2 run calculator to see what pace I should shoot for. That thing has NEVER led me wrong. Even though I have done the race before, I completely forgot the course (seriously, I probably blocked it out).


Mile 1 – 7:10. Avg HR: 186. This felt manageable. It trended downhill. I was aiming for right around 7:10 so I was happy, but I definitely went out too hard – typical Courtney getting caught in the excitement of the fast people!

Mile 2 – 7:44. Avg HR: 194. WOOPS. This mile took FOREVER. I was consciously focusing on not throwing up and not walking. It was a slight uphill for pretty much the entire thing, with a pretty short steep hill thrown in the middle.

Mile 3 – 7:45. Avg HR: 196. As you can see from my heart rate, my effort was not lacking–just my pace! I kept thinking to myself that this was somehow a 10k because GEEZ I was out here for a while. I also kept thinking about 5k advice PW had given to me YEARS ago…1st mile manageable, 2nd mile all out, 3rd mile hold on. I was trying! Saw Pdubs with about .5 mile left and tried to look like I wasn't miserable and like I was running fast (both were lies).

TRIED to focus on turnover and using my arms during this mile (so I had something to think about other than how much I hated this!)

Last .1 – 6:59mi/min. Avg HR: 200. Yep. At this point I had resigned myself to throwing up. Thankfully, I did not. But I was close for the 15 minutes following the race!

Total: 23:21 Avg HR: 192. I am not super happy with the time because I was shooting for a low 7 minute pace, but I can also acknowledge I left IT ALL out there and be happy with the effort! Average HR 2 beats lower than the ridiculously hot Gillette 5k last month but what are you gonna do!


Looking forward to racing again at the end of the month–same place, same time!


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  1. You definitely gave that race everything you had! You should be proud of that pace, too, and with all the mileage you’ve been putting in, your next 5K will easily be even faster.

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