Weeks Worth of Workouts in New York (highest mileage week yet!)

We are home from Lake Placid, and I am in a recovery week. I really tried to up the mileage last week, and then took Monday and Tuesday off so I could spend every minute celebrating with PW and our friends! We did a lot of eating, drinking, and generally having fun and taking the two days off was DEFINITELY worth it. What was not worth it? All the gluten I ate and subsequent 3 day stomachache/sneezing fit I am now in.

But, anyways, here is the week!

Monday: OFF (in preparation for what I hoped would be many runs!)

Tuesday: 60 min in the pouring rain before leaving for LP (9:02 min/mi, Avg HR 153)

Wednesday: 85 min around Mirror Lake (9:05 min/mi, Avg HR 155)

Thursday: 60 min, last 10 min w/Doug in Zone 2 (8:41 min/mi, Avg HR 159)

Friday: 60 min AM (9:04 min/mi, Avg HR 156), 30 min PM EASY with Jesse — 90 min total

Saturday: 52 min around Mirror Lake before QT2 B-fast (5:45am!) (9:06 min/mi, Avg HR: 154)

Sunday: 26 min run the morning of the race at 5am (super easy!)

Total: 41 miles.

FINALLY! My goal is to keep my weekly average right around 40 miles, and my long runs around 90 minutes for now.

This week is super easy in anticipation of a 5k tomorrow morning. I decided that last minute after I took Mon/Tues off and saw it would be a recovery week 🙂

Wednesday we drove home from Lake Placid, arrived in Wormtown at 3, unloaded the car, and I put in an easy 30 minutes at 4pm before we drove to pick up the dogs.

Thursday (yesterday) was 45 minutes at 11am. Pretty much all set with running anytime after 9am–so not used to the heat and mugginess after being in New York!

Let y'all know how the race goes tomorrow. My plan is to NOT do the typical “run a 6:01 first mile and blow up” thatrunnerchick 5k.




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