Exactly what I needed

Yesterday was a rest day. I took it serious—I packed in the morning for Lake Placid and had an appointment at noon for a massage. As a massage therapist, I'm kind of picky (and maybe judg-y) when it comes to massages. In fact, I hardly ever go because I can't justify spending the money even when I know its a necessity. Im just afraid it won't meet my expectations! Well, I got an email for $35 massages and with my recent calf pain, I could not resist. It was a risk–$35 for an hour massage!?!?! Who knew what I'd get?


Well, guys–it was AWESOME. It was the best massage I ever had! She was amazing. I told her necks/back/legs and to go REALLY deep–she went to town. I got up after an hour in shock-she now has a customer for life. There were elbows involved, my calves hurt until this afternoon–it was perfect!


After my massage, and packing the car, the obvious next thing to do with a rest day is hang out with my peeps! I met two of my favorite girls at our favorite Mexican place. They make the guacamole right in front of you at your table (3 avocados worth!), and man is it delicious. Especially when paired with one of these:


I went home (early!) being so happy from hanging out with them, got a good nights sleep, and woke up early to run.

Up at 6am for an hour run in the absolute downpour torrential rain (pretty sure my five pounds of soaking wet clothing/shoes slowed my pace a bit!), and then we headed to LP!

4.5 hour drive–which I did by the way, PW is racing you know–and we are here! A lovely dinner at The Dancing Bears (try their gluten-free turkey club, so good) carbo-loading for my long run tomorrow morning!


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