Lets talk about this week’s running…aka how to survive a heat wave

If you've been watching the news/weather, or live here, Im sure you know New England has been in the midst of a 7 day heat wave. The worst part has been the humidity. It has been pretty much 95 degrees with 85 percent humidity and a dew point in the 70's every day! Please don't read this as complaining though–just laying down the groundwork to explain my runs. I actually enjoy the hot weather-I just got up early to beat the sun.

I pretty much looked like this within seconds of finishing every run this week:


Every one of these runs started before 7, and all were at a dew point above 70. Practically swimming! I reallllllly wanted to hit 40 miles this week, and got close, but a wrench was thrown in the works–explanation below.

I try to average 153bpm for Zone 1 runs, which these all were.

Monday: 80 minutes, 9:22 min/mi, avg HR: 162 (I did 20 min Zone 2 at the end)

Tuesday: 75 min, 9:21 min/mi, avg HR: 154; 60 min ride

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: 60 min, 9:32 min/mi, avg HR: 158 (compensated pace for the weather!)

Friday: 45 min, 9:16 min/mi, avg HR: 154

Saturday: 60 min, 9:31 min/mi, avg HR: 161 (this was by far the toughest run of the week heat wise)

Sunday: 45 min, 8:42 min/mi, avg HR: 153 (THE HUMIDITY BROKE!)

Total: 39.24 miles

My plan was to do a split 90min run on Saturday (I was going to run 30 min in the afternoon) but out of nowhere the arch of my foot hurt something terrible for the entirety of my first run. It is a blessing/curse to be a massage therapist with a coach for a husband, because I know EXACTLY what that means and EXACTLY what I have to do to fix it. So my second run was put off to give me calf a rest and I did the protocol: calf raises/stretches, foam rolling, arch rolling on a tennis ball, and the worst: having PW dig his thumb into my calf 😦

But, alas! It worked. And the pain was minimal during my run this morning. And it allowed to do a serious jig at the end of my driveway when I finished my run–I was ECSTATIC! I ran in the house straight away and challenged PW to run a race against me, thats how awesome I felt (he declined).

Its amazing how what the weather can do your runs without you knowing. I was so happy to be running 9:20's during the week–I forgot how much humidity affects your HR/effort perception!

Really looking forward to putting in some serious miles in Lake Placid next week–goal is over 40!




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  1. Do you have a hard time (mentally) staying in zone 1 when you know you can run faster? I don’t “book it” on every run but I also have a tough time sticking to zone 1, esp in the nasty heat. It plays tricks with my mind!

    • um DEFINITELY. Depending on how hot it is, I might compensate my pace a little bit. For the most part though, I try to stay there when possible since I know when the heat breaks it will be worth it!

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