How changing my diet changed my running

So in my last entry I alluded to changing how I ate. I'm almost embarassed to write about it because it is such a fad, but for the sake of honesty (and the fact its changing my life!) I will.

I jumped on the bandwagon–I gave up gluten.

Now, am I allergic? No. Celiac's? No. Do I feel better without it? Absolutely. I guess you could say I am “sensitive” to it. It affects me in many ways – my digestive system, my energy levels, my mental state, my running!

Its been a little under two months since I gave it up–about 7 weeks with only 3 moments where I tried to eat it again. And those three times all resulted in bloating, feeling sick, headaches, etc.

I tried going Paleo and felt awesome–essentially Paleo is gluten-free because you are not eating grains, but I love dairy too much to give that up (and its a major protein source for me!) Thats what got me thinking about how the wheat as affecting me…

Its been 7 weeks and Ive lost 12 pounds. TWELVE POUNDS! Not having the bloating and always feeling full alone is worth the giving up of bread. I am not tired all the time. I wake up without feeling terrible and tired. My runs are better.

I would eat pizza or a sandwich or spaghetti and literally roll around holding my stomach about how full and awful I felt, how distended my stomach was–PDubs can attest to this.

So–thats it. Here are two pictures–the first is from the 2.5mile race I did in May at 126 pounds, the other from the Finish at the 50 5k I did at 117 pounds (my father is in both pictures because we did both races together–and spoiler alert–he beat me at both!)




I am not recommending anyone else give up gluten–I do it now because it works for me. There is a lot of research going both ways–it is good for you, its good for you in moderation, AND its terrible for you. Do your research, and see what works for you!



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