If I looked up how many blog entries are titled “Don’t Call It a Comeback”…

I'd probably have to call it a comeback. I have been MIA. Again. And running a lot. Again. And exactly like my last post from two months ago…I am updating right before I run a race!

Life got sort of hectic with the end of the school year and the midst of another Masters degree. I also took running back up pretty regularly and experimenting with dietary changes.

I ran a color run last month and am getting ready to run a 5k tomorrow (night)…which means, when you include the One Fund race I ran 2 months ago, I will have collectively run more races in the last two months then I did in the entire year of 2012!

It is officially summer vacation for this girl so I will updatingmore (like for instance, the dietary experiment listed above and a race report for the 5k tomorrow….maybe even pictures from the color run in which I looked like a Smurf!).

But I also wanted to share some pictures from the last weekend. If you know me, you know Lake Placid is my favorite place in the world. This year will be PW and my 7th consecutive year going up for the race. It was also the 2nd year for the Lake Placid QT2 camp–I am beyond happy to be able to go up for TWO FULL WEEKS every year (one in June and one in July!).


I am ridiculously happy while there, and get in so much training with a full focus on recovery! Here are some pictures from this years camp….


Morning on the porch outside our room…



Group dinner at the Dancing Bears…


Where I ordered this Black Bean burger (I definitely had this meal twice while I was in NY…thats how good it is!)



A view from where I was timing the end of the Time Trial:


How I was getting all that recovery in…


It rained daily there…which then afforded views like this:



The race tomorrow is at 5:30 IN THE AFTERNOON (which is normally post-dinner for me), I am looking forward to running hard in this, my favorite summer weather!


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