First Race in over a year?!

The year is slowing down–the last class of this semester was tonight. Only 6 weeks of school left. What does this mean? WAY more time in my life. Too much time, in fact!

This, of course, means running and blog updating are more regular! The last two weeks have been awesome running wise. Two weeks ago was 25 miles with a long run of 65 minutes, last week was 20 miles with a long run of 75 minutes.

The beautiful weather is helpful. I mean, isnt 65 degrees and sunny the best running weather ever? Other than the premature tan I got!

Because the running is definitely increasing, I am “running a race” on Saturday. In quotation marks because 1) I havent run yet this week ( (;) ) and 2) I havent run a race since the Hyannis Half Marathon last February! You know what they say, races on the schedule is the most motivating factor! It is a 2.62 mile race in town on Saturday, and the $20 race fee all goes to the One Fund (a wonderful tribute!)

Other things going on?

A super fun junior prom chaperoning experience last week. On our way there:



First lawn mow of the season! Happiest dogs ever:



Teacher appreciation week means delicious oreo cupcake from a very sweet student! (These were unbelievable!)


And a proud momma bird moment: one of my students from last year that wasnt a math fan the first 3 years of high school told me today hes majoring in MATH next year in college. LOVE IT!!!!