Bocado (My first Tapas experience!)

I am in love. I went to a restaurant that was new-to-me in downtown Worcester to celebrate my birthday with some friends. It is a tapas restaurant–a concept completely foreign to me–but how could I not be obsessed the idea with a bunch of small plates where you can taste way more things?

We went with the Bocado Experience, which allows you to try 4 items from the Charcuteria y Queso menu (meat and cheese), 8 items from the tapas menu, 1 huge pot of paella as a “main course”, and 2 desserts–flan and churros!

For our first course we chose the Lomo Embuchad (cured pork), Chorizo Leon Herradura (chorizo 🙂 ), fried goat cheese, and brie. It was served with a baguette and jelly to go with the brie!



This just whet our appetites…we seriously had no idea what we were getting into. Should have paced my self better!

Our tapas started coming out two at a time…


Ajillo Azotado con Espinacas y Queso (spinach, roasted garlic, and feta dip)



Albondigas de Cerdo (pork meatballs with red wine, figs, and bleu cheese):



Atun de Bocado (raw tuna with a super spicy chili avocado sauce):



One of the nights specials…duck confit with sweet potatoes (OMG):



Vieiras con Truffle y Tocina (bacon wrapped scallops with white truffle honey and red pepper flakes):



Hamburguesas de Kobe (mini Kobe sliders with basil dijon mayo)



Bola de Arroz Frito Con Mozarella (mozarella stuffed crispy rce balls with basil aioli–basically arincini!)


We had a shrimp plate too but I am not huge on shellfish so no picture 🙂

Our paella…the Paella de Carne…chicken, pork, veal, duck confit. NOM!


and dessert….



Churros and Flan! The flan had a candle in it and Feliz Cumpleanos was sung (did I spell that right?)

This dinner was unbelievable. The drink menu alone was worth the drive, but the food–the choices, the combinations, it was amazing.

I cannot wait to go back!

Tomorrow: Running update–last weeks workouts and my new shoes!



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