The Big 3-0 — a week of celebration!

Last week was my birthday–I spent the week celebrating another decade with my awesome friends and family. I have JUST recovered from the cake/food overload! Some snippets of 30th birthday cakes:


PW surprised me with this cake and a surprise gathering at the Shoe with all my favorite peeps! Best cake ever by the way–it was delicious and completely demolished by the time we left!



Joint celebration with P-Dubs family for my birthday and Scott's going to the midwest for school!



Dinner with my fam on my actual birthday–it wouldnt be a birthday without one of my mom's cakes!



Birthday pizookie from my homeroom



Strawberry birthday cake from my adorable freshman algebra class

(Dont I have the best students ever?? I am the luckiest!)


andddd birthday flan from dinner out with my girlfriends!

Pretty sure I gained 15 pounds–but the love and deliciousness was worth every bite!

Other than turning 30….I have been running a lot this week. Cramming in a lot of grad school work–2 more classes left in the semester! PW is at the tail end of his huge training weeks for Ironman Texas and his pro ironman debut, and tapering starts tomorrow-looking forward to seeing him again (haha).

I really am looking forward to posting about the dinner I had last Tuesday with some of peeps (that ended with that Birthday Flan!) at Bocado. It was amazing.

Things are a little crazy now with the end of the semester, the end of the school year, MCAS, etc but I love it! The weather is finally nice, I can run right after work or tutoring/meetings.

We are off to the christening of the cutest Stella Krops today–tune in tomorrow for details on the sweet potato hash with duck confit and fried goat cheese and paella…sigh!



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