Paleo Friendly Pizza

I have been Pinning Paleo recipes like crazy. Pinterest is both a blessing and a curse! One of the ones I recently pinned was a Coconut Flour based paleo pizza crust. Ive been on the hunt looking for Coconut Flour and some today (which is good because I have a suspicion tomorrow will be a snow day and Ill be snowed in and hungry).

This is the recipe I used…her website is awesome!

Started with the mix…note it is not doughy–more like pancake batter!

Baked it first for 25 minutes to get it a little more solid. Next time I will make it thinner when I put it on the pan.

Added my nutrient dense pizza sauce (PWs favorite! The version tonight includes a lot of kale, beets, and broccoli in addition to shown veggies!), some onions, and prosciutto.

Check out that fluffy crust!

It is NOT crispy like a pizza crust but you CAN pick it up and eat it like normal pizza. It totally fulfilled my craving. Coconut Flour is super high fiber so those two pieces seriously filled me up.

No cheese, of course, but still Yum-mo! Tomorrows menu, if I eat the rest of my pizza for lunch (obvs that will happen)–includes a Paleo Sheperds Pie with grass fed ground beef, parsnips, carrots, and cauliflower!

Heres hoping there is no snow day tomorrow but….if there is, more time for cooking!



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