Snow Day and Paleo Sheperd’s Pie

I was right–yesterday ended up being a snow day. Kind of bummer come the end of June, but for night now it was nice to sleep in and eat bacon and eggs for breakfast!

I took the snow day and did what any teacher would do – no work whatsoever. I watched bad tv. I went to the gym once the roads were clear and ran for 45 minutes. And then I decided to make what I thought was going to be an involved dinner.

I made this based this recipe. I sort of winged on the mashed cauliflower–I used some coconut milk, an egg, and an undetermined amount of chicken broth. I also used coconut flour instead of potato starch. Coconut flour is sort of amazing. So much fiber! And it thickens like white flour.

This dinner was kind of a big deal. It was dairy and gluten free (full-on Paleo, if you will). It was also my first time eating cauliflower. And parsnips. Like…ever. I am a potato fiend, so I was EXTREMELY happy with how this tasted. The cauliflower didn't have the exact texture, but the taste was spot on. It also heats up really easy for a quick dinner, which is key in my life!

Other things going on: currently obsessed with grape fruits. They are in season and so delicious right now. And I have a grapefruit spoon (which I just found), so eating them is way easier than they were last winter! I look forward to eating one every day.



Came home from school today and went back to the gym for a quick run (30 minutes). My heart rate monitor is STILL messed up. It hasn't worked for months. I called Garmin once. They sent a replacement, it worked for about 2 months, then it was broken too. Am I too electrical or something?? My HR always reads in the mid 200's. It's such a bummer. Please let me know if you have any ideas!


Things I have tried to fix it:

Wetting it more

Wetting it less

Washing the strap

Wearing upside down

Wearing backwards (monitor on back)

Wearing it sideways (monitor on ribs)


Let me know!

Tomorrow is MCAS proctoring, teaching allllll day (no preps!), after school help, and then tutoring from 3-4. I don't have classes on Thursday anymore but I clearly like to stay busy!



Paleo Friendly Pizza

I have been Pinning Paleo recipes like crazy. Pinterest is both a blessing and a curse! One of the ones I recently pinned was a Coconut Flour based paleo pizza crust. Ive been on the hunt looking for Coconut Flour and some today (which is good because I have a suspicion tomorrow will be a snow day and Ill be snowed in and hungry).

This is the recipe I used…her website is awesome!

Started with the mix…note it is not doughy–more like pancake batter!

Baked it first for 25 minutes to get it a little more solid. Next time I will make it thinner when I put it on the pan.

Added my nutrient dense pizza sauce (PWs favorite! The version tonight includes a lot of kale, beets, and broccoli in addition to shown veggies!), some onions, and prosciutto.

Check out that fluffy crust!

It is NOT crispy like a pizza crust but you CAN pick it up and eat it like normal pizza. It totally fulfilled my craving. Coconut Flour is super high fiber so those two pieces seriously filled me up.

No cheese, of course, but still Yum-mo! Tomorrows menu, if I eat the rest of my pizza for lunch (obvs that will happen)–includes a Paleo Sheperds Pie with grass fed ground beef, parsnips, carrots, and cauliflower!

Heres hoping there is no snow day tomorrow but….if there is, more time for cooking!


Don’t Call It A Comeback

It has been a crazy couple of months. There is so much to catch up on that I dont think it's possible to do in one blog post!

A couple of pretty important life events do come to mind though.

I finished my first Master's Degree last week–I earned a Masters of Secondary Education in Mathematics–it was a long two years! I also started my second Masters Degree-in Teaching English as a Second Language. There was a semester of overlap in those two programs–not coincidentaly, it occured during the three months when this blog went radio silent!!

PW also went pro at the beginning of this year. Kind of a big deal in this household! He culminated the season with an 8:55 Ironman in Arizona and it was time to do it. Feel free to drop him some love on his website!

My thirtieth birthday is in a little over a month (omg to say the least). I decided to cut off an donate 12 inches of hair to Locks of Love. I had been thinking about doing it for a while–it was such a pain to deal with while running! Good-bye foot of hair!

What prompted this blog return? Well…one, I finished a Masters and suddenly have a few more free hours a week – I might go crazy with all the free time (ha ha ha). Also, we went to a dinner last night that seriously made me miss this whole scene. It was up there in best dinners of all time. We went down to East Greenwich, Rhode Island to meet up with a man PW coaches and his wife–they picked the place and I am glad they did!

His wife, Anna, is from Italy and raved about it so we knew it would be good!

The highlight of dinner was the appetizer. Fred and I both ordered the special.

It was a cow's milk cheese infused with white truffle and coated with ash on the outside. Served with the above. The crostini tasted like something that fell from heaven. Pair that with candied walnuts and this cheese and I thought I was in heaven! My mouth is watering just looking at the picture below (which doesnt come close to giving it justice. It was a quick pictyre so I could get back to eating it!)


For the main course, I ordered something a little out of my comfort zone. I almost never order pasta dishes at restaurants. And–I am trained well–cannot remember the last time I ordered a dish without a protein. This just sounded too good to resist though!


It was worth every bite of carby deliciousness!!!

At this point, dessert was a must. The food was delicious, the company was great, so high hopes for the dessert! When in an italian restaurant you cannot go wrong with this. And it did not disappoint!

I left dinner thinking I could never have a meal that compares. Thanks to Fred and Anna for the invitation!

Another update tomorrow with some more insight on some Paleo recipes. I bought the most gigantic head of cauliflower I have ever seen–and Ive never tried it before. I have at least 2 recipes that include it though — so I am sure it will be enough!

If you are still reading my blog, I appreciate it! Promise I am back on the reg with the updates 🙂