My Last Brooks Review of the Year!

So, some of you might remember (from my excited blog entries) that I was part of the Brooks I.D. Team that year.  I did get free clothes but was under no requirement to blog about them.  I just decided to do because I am in love with their clothes and shoes and wanted to spread the good word.

My last installation of this review series is for my favorite article of clothing – their Epiphany Stretch Short II.  I am EXTREMELY hard to please in the short department, and I am also EXTREMELY obsessed with these shorts.


They are perfect:

Short enough that they dont get caught between your legs, but long enough youre not giving a show to the world as youre out for a run.

They have a wide waistband that sits on the lower abdomen, which in my world, should be a running short requirement.

They come in approximately 18 different colors (3 of which are on sale right now) – they can match (or MISMATCH) anything you want!  Like the bright green pair of Adrenaline’s I just bought and cannot wait to wear.

When they get wet they aren’t as thin as “regular” running shorts – meaning you don’t have the plastered look.

They fit pretty true to size.

These are my go to running shorts.  I currently have 4 pairs – in all different colors – and I will probably end up with more next year.

They also go really well with the matching Epiphany Shirt, if youre looking for one (also my go to shirt).

I just did my annual end of year stock-up: More shoes and more shirts!!!  I like to do it at the end of the year because then it is almost like Christmas again when they show up!

And since this is a Brooks focused post…here is an oldie but goodie video of us at the New England Ragnar Relay…Team 5 Guys 1 Girl & 140 Characters by @BrooksRunning

We did Ragnar as an Ultra team (6 people instead of 12)…we had met for the first time AT THE RACE, and we had way. too. much. fun!

Heres the YouTube Link!