Heaven in a Stairwell

So, one month after we moved in to our house, I decided I hated all the wallpaper in it and wanted it ALL gone. I figured the easiest (read: smallest and with the worst/loosest wallpaper) place to start was the stairwell. Halfway through one wall I realized it wasnt happening. Then I took down the drywall. IMMEDIATE REGRET. Our stairwell is so awkward shaped! Needless to say, we went three years, and 2 room reno's and it was still studs on that wall.

But not after yesterday! PW called a guy to do it, and since he was already coming, we decided to rip down the other stairwell wall…and the entire upstairs hallway. That too was an event but so worth it. After yesterday we went from this:


To this:

I am so happy to have walls I don't even care if we ever sand and paint! The only downside? Our wood floors now look like this:

Sad face! But again, so worth it.

Now, off for a quick jog. With my sweet new playlist–which definitely involves My Clique.


My foray into Paleo update tonight!


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