Hey guys!

I have been out of blog commission for a while (in addition to out of running commission, out of hanging out with friends commission, etc.). Things have been crazy! I am jumping back in head first!

Over the last two months I've been doing a lot of work–the first couple months is always insanely busy. Pair that with grad school and I pretty much walk around with this attached to my body:


Did I mention I applied for another Masters program? Because I am an overachiever I did. It is in teaching ESL and will take place at my Alma Mater! So there is another five years if hectic-ness I committed and am SO excited for. Only one semester of overlap in programs, I will be extremely academic then! 🙂

We also decided to redo our kitchen so have been in the process of getting that underway. If you've been following my blog for a while you know that we have a really old house and gave been redoing the rooms one by one, pretty much one a year after PWs race season is over. This year we decided to make the commitment for the most drastic (and time/cost intensive) room. So we've been looking at a lot of this, picking stuff out:

And flooring, and countertop, and appliances. Slightly overwhelming!


On the running aspect–I need to get my rear end in gear. As its the only thing that keeps me sane, you can imagine what a complete nut I've been lately! My students wonder why I am all over the room while teaching. Running needs to be a priority!


I have a review to give you on a pair of Brooks shorts I bought and loooove, hopefully coming tonight! Long weekend = blog central!



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