New phone and an app that simplified my life!

So, I did it. I preordered the iPhone 5 the day it was opened, and it arrived Friday.


There are many great things about it. The slim size, the better camera (that will be evident below), the speed, the faster Internet, Siri. I also found a new app when I got it and it is life altering. It simplifies grocery shopping/lists.


It allows me to type in a list, and then open it and share it with PW so he can add/change things on it from his phone. Then, whoever goes shopping has this list and can swipe things off of it when they get them!


I used it this weekend and it was awesome. Being able to share the list between us is awesome, and I forgot not a THING at the store today! Love it. And it’s free. Love technology!

Other than playing with my new phone it has been a normal weekend! A seminar from grad school all day yesterday, grocery shopping, laundry/cleaning, and baking cookies for my coworkers!




Family dinner tonight as well. Making a pinterest recipe for dinner to,or row–pretty core friendly. Will post it if it works out!



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