Troubleshooting and JUICE!

I am still having Heart Rate Monitor Strap issues. It’s been wacky for over a month–most of the time it reads somewhere between 230 and 260. I did some googling and went through some troubleshooting. I:

1. Tried different shirts. Static electricity can mess with the reading.

2. Tried rewetting it.

3. Changed the battery.

4. Tightened the strap.

5. Loosened the strap.


And now I am at a loss! It read a little better today during my post-work run. I was able to see glimpses of real heart rates throughout the 45 minutes. The only other thing of note about my run? I got a bug in my eye. UGH. I feel like this happens to me more often than other people–I think I have slow eye reaction time!


When I got back home from my work/run adventure, PW did our usual afternoon routine. JUICING! Our usual juice is beet/kale/lemon/ginger. Today I through an apple too–how festive, I know. I looooooove juicing! I recommend it and totally encourage any questions about it if you have them!

We then did something I have been waiting three years for–hung up the picture frames I bought when we first moved in. I had the idea for a picture collage but hadn’t picked out the pictures or a wall! These pictures are all ones I took while we were in different parts of the country together.


Then it was time for dinner–core tacos! Ground turkey and lavash bread. And our new favorite salsa–“On The Border”. They were delicious!

Looks like it is going to be a soggy Tuesday. Will it be my first treadmill run of the season? Only time will tell!


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