Coffee mathematics

I had a bit of an incident this past weekend. In my sleepy state (aka my first 60 minutes upon waking), I knocked my FAVORITE MUG off the counter, full of coffee. It shattered and coffee was everywhere. I didn’t care about the mess-just the mug! I have had the mug for 10 years, it had a picture of a black lab on it and mom mother had gotten it for me when we got our lab, Scout. Well, PW surprised me today because the first of two mugs he ordered me showed up today:


I LOVE IT. and am obsessed with it already! It’s gigantic and perfect for my back to school coffee time! The other mug is on its way–black lab on it and everything!

In other less dramatic news (this will give you a glimpse into how seriously uneventful my summer life is, because it’s all I have to blog about): I went into school the last two days to set up my classroom. That’s it: summer is officially over!! The REAL end? This weekend is the Vermont training camp which is the signature farewell to this lovely season for me.

And lastly, my lower back has been bothering me something awful. I actually thought I was super dehydrated and my kidneys were yelling so I drank glass after glass of water. UM HELLO. I am a massage therapist, one who has been running for 10 years. And I always complain about this same thing-consistently every four months and then somehow forget. NEW SHOES! So, that problem will be fixed for to,or row, which is great because this mornings run was a tough one!

Tomorrows post? About SUMMER WEIGHTLOSS. True story–tune in 🙂


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