The end of an Era…..

This is it, the last weekend of being social before I go back to work. Next weekend is the Vermont camp and then school begins a week from tomorrow! Because its the last weekend, we are cramming in a lot of stuff. Dinner at The Boynton (yum) with PWs sister and her boyfriend Friday, dinner last night with paul (Mr Speedo), his wife, and friends where I tried risotto for the first time (see picture below, it changed my life), and a cookout today seeing some fam from Florida!


Because its only a week left Of vacation I’ve also been doing all the errands I’ve needed to, but postponed. For instance, PW and I went and recycled all of the bottles and cans we’ve saved. SEVENTEEN DOLLARS WORTH! I also made another batch of pizza sauce (an all day affair, but makes enough for 20 pizzas), read an awesome book (Gone Girl–I recommend to anyone!) and started school shopping:


I got all that for six dollars at Big Lots by the way.

Work Outs

I have been working out too. Last week was a recovery week, of my own doing. I ran 20 miles and biked once. I have this issue getting back into the swing of things after recovery weeks, sitting on the couch seems like a better option. Because of that, I took Tuesday and Wednesday off and had to scramble to make run volume this week!

My Heart Rate Monitor was alllll over the place and I was getting super aggravated. I was googling it like crazy (remember, they had to replace one for me already because of this) and whining like a baby. Then PW asked if I had changed the battery. Pardon the 90’s expression here but DUH! Now things are right in the world again!

So here is my weeks worth of workouts for this week:

August 13th-19th

Monday: 60 minute run

Tuesday/Wednesday: off

Thursday: 60 minute run

Friday: 75 min run AM, 32 min run PM, descending miles: 8:43, 8:19, 7:58, 7:35

Saturday: 2 hour ride (31 miles), 25 min recovery run

Sunday: 45 min run, 1 hour recovery ride (trainer)

Total: 33.5 miles run, 3 hours bike

My hips were sooooo tight after the tempo miles Friday that I knew there was no way my planned hour run was going to happen without resulting in injury so I rode instead. GREAT day for riding–just made my legs tired for today! A vicious cycle, Im telling you!

Time for some race stalking-this is a great weekend in triathlon spectating: Nationals in VT, Ironman MT, Timberman. Gotta go click Refresh repeatedly!


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  1. You’re just going back to school… End of an Era sounds so life changing… like you’re leaving teaching, or you’re giving up that running stuff, or even worse giving up nerds and smarties…

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