SNAKES and a good Samaritan

I was out for my run this morning on a pretty busy street. Running along on the sidewalk, feeling pretty awesome, when BAM a black snake comes out of nowhere and slithers RIGHT UNDER MY FOOT!! I do not have a snake phobia, but this caught me off guard and skyrocketed my heart rate. I proceeded to walk to calm down, with my hands clutched against me. A nice woman who was driving by pulled over and asked if I was okay, and if I was having a heart attack. No–just a panic one! The rest of my run was uneventful, which is good because I was already nervous about the imminent dentist appointment!

I hit up the dentist for a small filling (I love my dentist, he has been taking care of these chompers since I got them), the needle was the worst part.

As a reward, I told myself I would go to the farmstand I love near my hometown:


This place is the jam. It is all pesticide free, stocked, soooo tasty, and CHEAP! I was hungry when I got there, and that was evident in my purchases:


That homemade blueberry muffin was a gift for PW! He has his long ride tomorrow so it is approved for him!

I, however, was looking forward to this salad I add for dinner:


Don’t let the hiding vegetable fool you, there were actually two full cucumbers in there, and about 15 cherry tomatoes! Washed it down with a couple of breadsticks and a Pumpkinhead and now sitting in the tornado warning, watching PW change a doorknob (this is a fun Friday night for an old lady!)

Hoping the rain ends quickly tomorrow so I can ride outside–missed it today due to the downpours!


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