Bacon Cheeseburgers and my ride today

Last night, I made cookies from scratch. I realize it sounds like a terrible idea, especially for people on the core. But I have this problem with stress eating. That, combined with the fact I have to get a filling tomorrow (insert one thousand consecutive sad faces here) resulted in cookies. They were delicious, see proof below:

However, when I was riding today, I SWEAR I smelled nestle tollhouse chocolate chip cookies. Pretty sure I was sweating cookies! True story!


Anyway, after a 1.5 hour ride (on which I finally averaged over 15mph, 15.3 to be exact) and a one hour run, I was sort of famished for dinner. And I had gone to Trader Joes to purchase something we had been wanting to try:


I was a little nervous about it, since after doing research I had read it tastes a lot different than the hamburgers we are used to eating. Shaped some up, and voila- the most amazing bacon cheeseburger I have EVER had!


And I have had some good burgers in my time! I think I might be buying all meat at Trader Joes for a while–until I work my way up to Shady Brook Farms!

Off to watch some more Olympics–after watching the US vs Japan soccer match today, I cannot get enough!


3 responses

  1. You should try the meat at Whole Foods in Bellingham – way better than Trader Joe’s but Trader Joe’s is a good place to get meat too!

  2. Love you for the cookies! :o)

    And too I used Trader Joe’s organic ground beef to fashion my “Meatza” way back when. Thinking back, I should have been less ambitious and used a more economical incarnation of ground beef, considering the amount needed to craft it. But the website I used for reference was touting the “caveman diet” ideals of grass fed, etc, etc, so it had some influence on me at the time.

    But, still debating the organic issue, I’ll return to their ground beef for something more sensible in size, like your bacon cheeseburger!

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