I have been MIA on the blog front as of late–but for good reason, I promise. I was making good on my goal from my last entry-to run at least 30 miles a week. Ive also been putting some time in on the bike. Which resulted in lots of napping!

Here is a run down:


July 23rd-July 29th

Monday: 55 min run

Tuesday: 30 min run

Wednesday: 60 min run

Thursday: off

Friday: 90 min run AM, 30 min run PM

Saturday: 75 min bike, 20 min recovery run

Sunday: 30 min run


Total: 35.5 miles running, 75 min bike


July 30th-August 5th

Monday: 80 min run

Tuesday: 35 min recovery run, 2 hour ride

Wednesday: off

Thursday: 60 min run, 90 min ride

Friday: 90 minute run

Saturday: 35 min recovery run, 2 hour ride

Sunday: 2 hour recovery ride


Totals: 32 miles running, 7.5 hours bike


I need to remember to do that weekly–looking up that info on my Garmin was time consuming!


My days have also been filled with good food:




(Chianti I got in Rome!)

This week turned into an Olympics watching recovery week. The best kind! I am still, just like the 10 year old ThatRunnerChick, obsessed with gymnastics. Cannot pry me away from it on the television! Less then 2 weeks of vacation left, trying to make every minute count.




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