Coffee mathematics

I had a bit of an incident this past weekend. In my sleepy state (aka my first 60 minutes upon waking), I knocked my FAVORITE MUG off the counter, full of coffee. It shattered and coffee was everywhere. I didn’t care about the mess-just the mug! I have had the mug for 10 years, it had a picture of a black lab on it and mom mother had gotten it for me when we got our lab, Scout. Well, PW surprised me today because the first of two mugs he ordered me showed up today:


I LOVE IT. and am obsessed with it already! It’s gigantic and perfect for my back to school coffee time! The other mug is on its way–black lab on it and everything!

In other less dramatic news (this will give you a glimpse into how seriously uneventful my summer life is, because it’s all I have to blog about): I went into school the last two days to set up my classroom. That’s it: summer is officially over!! The REAL end? This weekend is the Vermont training camp which is the signature farewell to this lovely season for me.

And lastly, my lower back has been bothering me something awful. I actually thought I was super dehydrated and my kidneys were yelling so I drank glass after glass of water. UM HELLO. I am a massage therapist, one who has been running for 10 years. And I always complain about this same thing-consistently every four months and then somehow forget. NEW SHOES! So, that problem will be fixed for to,or row, which is great because this mornings run was a tough one!

Tomorrows post? About SUMMER WEIGHTLOSS. True story–tune in 🙂


The end of an Era…..

This is it, the last weekend of being social before I go back to work. Next weekend is the Vermont camp and then school begins a week from tomorrow! Because its the last weekend, we are cramming in a lot of stuff. Dinner at The Boynton (yum) with PWs sister and her boyfriend Friday, dinner last night with paul (Mr Speedo), his wife, and friends where I tried risotto for the first time (see picture below, it changed my life), and a cookout today seeing some fam from Florida!


Because its only a week left Of vacation I’ve also been doing all the errands I’ve needed to, but postponed. For instance, PW and I went and recycled all of the bottles and cans we’ve saved. SEVENTEEN DOLLARS WORTH! I also made another batch of pizza sauce (an all day affair, but makes enough for 20 pizzas), read an awesome book (Gone Girl–I recommend to anyone!) and started school shopping:


I got all that for six dollars at Big Lots by the way.

Work Outs

I have been working out too. Last week was a recovery week, of my own doing. I ran 20 miles and biked once. I have this issue getting back into the swing of things after recovery weeks, sitting on the couch seems like a better option. Because of that, I took Tuesday and Wednesday off and had to scramble to make run volume this week!

My Heart Rate Monitor was alllll over the place and I was getting super aggravated. I was googling it like crazy (remember, they had to replace one for me already because of this) and whining like a baby. Then PW asked if I had changed the battery. Pardon the 90’s expression here but DUH! Now things are right in the world again!

So here is my weeks worth of workouts for this week:

August 13th-19th

Monday: 60 minute run

Tuesday/Wednesday: off

Thursday: 60 minute run

Friday: 75 min run AM, 32 min run PM, descending miles: 8:43, 8:19, 7:58, 7:35

Saturday: 2 hour ride (31 miles), 25 min recovery run

Sunday: 45 min run, 1 hour recovery ride (trainer)

Total: 33.5 miles run, 3 hours bike

My hips were sooooo tight after the tempo miles Friday that I knew there was no way my planned hour run was going to happen without resulting in injury so I rode instead. GREAT day for riding–just made my legs tired for today! A vicious cycle, Im telling you!

Time for some race stalking-this is a great weekend in triathlon spectating: Nationals in VT, Ironman MT, Timberman. Gotta go click Refresh repeatedly!

SNAKES and a good Samaritan

I was out for my run this morning on a pretty busy street. Running along on the sidewalk, feeling pretty awesome, when BAM a black snake comes out of nowhere and slithers RIGHT UNDER MY FOOT!! I do not have a snake phobia, but this caught me off guard and skyrocketed my heart rate. I proceeded to walk to calm down, with my hands clutched against me. A nice woman who was driving by pulled over and asked if I was okay, and if I was having a heart attack. No–just a panic one! The rest of my run was uneventful, which is good because I was already nervous about the imminent dentist appointment!

I hit up the dentist for a small filling (I love my dentist, he has been taking care of these chompers since I got them), the needle was the worst part.

As a reward, I told myself I would go to the farmstand I love near my hometown:


This place is the jam. It is all pesticide free, stocked, soooo tasty, and CHEAP! I was hungry when I got there, and that was evident in my purchases:


That homemade blueberry muffin was a gift for PW! He has his long ride tomorrow so it is approved for him!

I, however, was looking forward to this salad I add for dinner:


Don’t let the hiding vegetable fool you, there were actually two full cucumbers in there, and about 15 cherry tomatoes! Washed it down with a couple of breadsticks and a Pumpkinhead and now sitting in the tornado warning, watching PW change a doorknob (this is a fun Friday night for an old lady!)

Hoping the rain ends quickly tomorrow so I can ride outside–missed it today due to the downpours!

Bacon Cheeseburgers and my ride today

Last night, I made cookies from scratch. I realize it sounds like a terrible idea, especially for people on the core. But I have this problem with stress eating. That, combined with the fact I have to get a filling tomorrow (insert one thousand consecutive sad faces here) resulted in cookies. They were delicious, see proof below:

However, when I was riding today, I SWEAR I smelled nestle tollhouse chocolate chip cookies. Pretty sure I was sweating cookies! True story!


Anyway, after a 1.5 hour ride (on which I finally averaged over 15mph, 15.3 to be exact) and a one hour run, I was sort of famished for dinner. And I had gone to Trader Joes to purchase something we had been wanting to try:


I was a little nervous about it, since after doing research I had read it tastes a lot different than the hamburgers we are used to eating. Shaped some up, and voila- the most amazing bacon cheeseburger I have EVER had!


And I have had some good burgers in my time! I think I might be buying all meat at Trader Joes for a while–until I work my way up to Shady Brook Farms!

Off to watch some more Olympics–after watching the US vs Japan soccer match today, I cannot get enough!


I have been MIA on the blog front as of late–but for good reason, I promise. I was making good on my goal from my last entry-to run at least 30 miles a week. Ive also been putting some time in on the bike. Which resulted in lots of napping!

Here is a run down:


July 23rd-July 29th

Monday: 55 min run

Tuesday: 30 min run

Wednesday: 60 min run

Thursday: off

Friday: 90 min run AM, 30 min run PM

Saturday: 75 min bike, 20 min recovery run

Sunday: 30 min run


Total: 35.5 miles running, 75 min bike


July 30th-August 5th

Monday: 80 min run

Tuesday: 35 min recovery run, 2 hour ride

Wednesday: off

Thursday: 60 min run, 90 min ride

Friday: 90 minute run

Saturday: 35 min recovery run, 2 hour ride

Sunday: 2 hour recovery ride


Totals: 32 miles running, 7.5 hours bike


I need to remember to do that weekly–looking up that info on my Garmin was time consuming!


My days have also been filled with good food:




(Chianti I got in Rome!)

This week turned into an Olympics watching recovery week. The best kind! I am still, just like the 10 year old ThatRunnerChick, obsessed with gymnastics. Cannot pry me away from it on the television! Less then 2 weeks of vacation left, trying to make every minute count.