Weeks Worth of NEW YORK workouts!

Why is working out in New York sooo much easier to get motivated for? We drove home on Monday (not getting home until 10:30pm!), and I have not had the same motivation for running long since! Here is last weeks totals:

Monday: 2 hour ride (with PW in Henrietta, NY)

Tuesday: 1.5 hour ride (in Henrietta), 50 min run

Wednesday: 1.5 hour ride (with PW in Henrietta), 60 min run

Thursday: 60 minute run

Friday: 90 minute run

Saturday: 90 minute run

Sunday: nothing! Other than an insane amount of cheering/walking during Ironman Lake Placid!

Total: 5 hours biking, around 39.5 miles running

I’m trying to keep my run volume above 35 miles per week now that I am comfortably there through building. I am also continuing to focus on nutrition…I am down 7 pounds since I started running consistently again. And that of course affects workouts!

Be back this afternoon with my Ironman Lake Placid Spectator Report!


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