A typical day in Lake Placid!

Most people (especially those racing!) started off the day with the swim. Because of that, I can start this entry off on the right foot–with a picture of some blog promotion on Mirror Lake (shield children’s eyes!)

Everyone meet Paul, aka one of the famous Speedo Guys!


He is racing on Sunday (not in the speedo!), so if you see him wish him luck. His blog is http://www.paulemccloskey.blogspot.com , I’m sure he will have a pretty epic race report up next week!

So while everyone else is swimming, PW and I went out for a 90 minute run (separately, don’t worry). I am taking a different strategy this year, running on all back roads instead of the run course or around the lake. It’s nice to be out in this beautiful area, on new (to me) roads enjoying it. Oh, and I tried to run on the run course, but only THREE of the 64 people I saw said good morning back to me. I must look scary when running….I’ll have to look into that.

(view from our condo)

Came back and we got down to some TRX business.


Today was upper bodies and abs. Tomorrow is lower body (FROWN FACE, these are so hard for me!) and abs.

Would anybody be interested in an entry that walks you through TRX exercise?? Let me know! Maybe I can get PW to do an atomic push-up video!

Contemplating a recovery ride. Tomorrow morning is the QT2 breakfast, 100 people will be there! Looking forward to seeing everyone.


2 responses

  1. I need to get a legs trx workout in tomorrow too, maybe I’ll join. 🙂

    tell PW to check out my strava file from todays ride, I went on an absolutely amazing ride…roads were pristine!!!

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