First Day in Lake Placid…

We began our drive from Rochester to Lake Placid yesterday at about 1 in the afternoon. Started the morning with what is most likely my last Tim Hortons Iced coffee ever (they, unfortunately, got worse each day) and an hour run. Then PW and I did a 90 minute recovery ride together. The pictures below pretty much capture what the riding was like out there:




Notice a theme!? Not complaining in the least though–I LOVE riding in farmland! The only downside: I got stung by a bee. For the first time I can remember! It hurt so bad that I called my mother just to make sure wasn’t allergic. I am not, but the fist sized welt on my leg is not the most pleasant (the little jerk bee was relaxing on my seat post waiting to sting me!)

Anyways, so we took the scenic route to LP, and a mere 5 hours later and with a view of Canada in the distance, we made it! Headed straight for dinner with Jim and Kelly at Milanos (the goat cheese, onion, sun dried tomato pizza was amazing) and the grocery store my requisite eggs.

PW had a 3.5 hour ride on tap, so I dropped him off at the bottom of the descent (and was HAPPY to do so–seeing the way some people ride that narrow stretch of twisty road with a speed limit of 55 really sketched me out! ) Got in an hour run myself and am heading back to the grocery store before we meet up for some TRX’ing!

Off to enjoy my favorite place and favorite week of the year!


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  1. Sorry you had a bad Timmy’s experience. I personally love Timmy’s. Way better than Dunkies, but I like the darker, less sugar-fied coffee.
    And I got stung by a bee for the first time in undergrad…right in the palm of my left hand (the bee was on a handle as I reached to grab it). Fortunately, I’m right handed, but I too had a welt that took up the entire palm.

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