When in Rome…

aka what we REALLY did in Italy!!  Here is a picture for each place we went…

1) Sperlonga



2) Capri


3) Climbed Vesuvius


4) Pompeii


5) Herculaneum


6) Spent time in Sorrento (2 pictures for this one–first one is the view from our hotel balcony.  Second one is the man who handmade my CUSTOM shoes while I waited!)Image


7) The Capitoline Museum (I am posing with a mosaic of Medusa because well…my hair looks Medusa like aka gigantic and everywhere)


8) The Colosseum


9) Ostia Antica


10) Visited an archaeological dig


11) And the Vatican! (This is from the Basilica)



-St. Paul’s Outside the Walls


-Spanish Steps

-Trevi Fountain

-The Catacombs

-Sistine Chapel

We crammed in a LOT in those 8 days!!!  It was amazing to walk on the same, original streets that people 2000 years ago walked on.  The kids (and us!!!) LOVED the history (they are Latin students, after all, so this is what they had been learning about for years!).  I was so lucky to have gone on this trip–definitely a trip of a lifetime!!


Check back tonight for an entry about our dinner with a special guest (the dinner is happening tonight….)


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