MusselMan Half Iron Weekend

A little break from the Italy Update. This weekend was the MusselMan Half Iron in Geneva, NY. We dropped off the dogs on Friday morning and then got of dodge–6 hours straight west on Route 90. A quick stop for dinner, and we were at Curbeau’s house by 8. Crashed pretty seriously after sharing some pizza and white wine with his parents (yes, I had dinner, but I wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to spend time with them–they are AWESOME people!). Woke up early for Carbo Loading Day. Started with breakfast:


The guys spent the rest of the day eating pretzels and bagels, I spent the rest of the day napping, reading, and enjoying the view:


(how could I not enjoy that?!)

Up early yesterday for race day. Like, 3:15 am early. Applesauce in, head to the race site. The lovely Mary Eggers showed up, coffee in hand for me. While PW was starting the race/swimming, Mary and I ran around the race venue, then out onto the bike course for cheering. About 20 minutes into the bike (run was already done), the weather turned pretty severely. It went from muggy to apocalyptic thunderstorm. I was prepared (as per usual!) with a rain jacket and umbrella.


However….I was supposed to go out on the run course on my bike. And it was down pouring. I waited until the last second and then hopped on the ol’ Scott. I wore my rain jacket but was soaked within 30 seconds! I was quite a sight to behold with my run shorts stuck to me and drenched hair! The rain, unfortunately for the racers but fortunately for me, stopped when Pdubs got to about mile 4. Hung out for a just little bit post-race, more rain was moving in and we had to get back on the road!

(for more race details, check out PW’s and Curbeau’s blog, links on the right of this page! Race reports should be up soon!)

We are now staying in Henrietta, NY for the next 3 days before heading to Lake Placid on Wednesday!!! Dare I say this is a mini vacation? It is a training vacation for sure–nothing on our agenda but swimming, biking, and running. In fact, I need to get out there ASAP, it’s supposed to be unnecessarily hot today and tomorrow!

Back this afternoon with what we did in Italy (if you read my other entires, you might think all we did was eat, but I promise there was more!)



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