3 Things from My Ride w/PW and aWeeks Worth of Workouts

So I just got back from a recovery ride (for him, almost zone 1 for me) with PW and three noteworthy things happened.

1) a guy yelled at us to “Get a license plate!”. REALLY? I have had things chucked from windows at me. Had lewd offers yelled. Multiple hand gestures. THAT is the best you can come up with? PWs response? “I’ll get right on that”

2) a hometown cyclist came up to ask where we got our jerseys. And then told us, when we stopped at a red light, that New York cyclists don’t follow the rules of the road, traffic lights, etc. and proceeded to run the red light. Okay buddy! I sincerely hope he was only speaking for himself because in MA that gets you killed.

3) I got my chain stuck between my cassette and my wheel. Thankfully, I brought my bike mechanic with me (aka I was tagging along with my extremely gifted mechanic/husband) and he fixed it in no time. But how did I manage that? If I had been by myself, a hissy fit would have ensued. (side note, that was autocorrected to “hussy fit” which is something I do not take part in!!)

Now for the weeks worth of workouts. I can’t believe that 6 days ago I was running on the streets of Rome!!

Monday: 30 min run in Italy

Tuesday: 30 minute run in Italy

Wednesday: off

Thursday: 40 min run

Friday: 50 minute run

Saturday: 40 minute run

Sunday: 30 minute run

Total: 26 miles. Not a ton of miles but I happy I got out there 6/7 days, especially with the Italy jet lag dragging me down!

Hoping to get in some serious run and bike time this week–considering that’s the only thing I have to do ALL WEEK!


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