Mozzarella Bar – American Cheese is NOT Italian Cheese!

Every day, we had the opportunity to get lunch on our own.  One day, we set the kids loose in Rome and the chaperones went for lunch at a mozzarella bar.  I waited all week for this lunch–what could be better than multiple kinds of cheese??  We ordered the sampler that came with five different types:
Paestum, Pontina, Affumicata, Stracciatella di Burrata, and Ricotta di Bufala.  My favorite was the stracciatella (the softest cheese, in the bowl) with the ricotta a close second!


We couldnt eat just cheese alone (okay, yes we could have, especially this cheese–but we were very hungry) so we got an array of sides:

A meat platter with Salame Felino, Prosciutto Crudo San Daniele DOP, and Mortadella di Prato PS i LOVE prosciutto–I used to eat a lot of it at my grandpa’s house when I was a kid!)


As well a plate of grilled veggies and a couple of plates of foccacia:



This meal was way up there on the Best of Italy.  I didnt think it could get better, but then we finished it with Tiramisu.  Italian Tiramisu.



Yes, this is the same day as that unbelievable gelato, as seen by my shirt.  Dont judge!

Check back this afternoon for an entry with Capri pictures….


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