First Italy Recap–Pizza and Gelato Post

I am back from Italy!!  Actually, I got back on Tuesday night but our internet has been shifty since then.  Verizon came and fixed it (for the most part) today, so now I am up for the Italy recaps!  We did so much while there I dont even know where to begin so I decided to put it into two parts: Activities and Food.  Again, I traveled with 3 other chaperones and 25 high school Latin students, so there were a lot of historical sights to be seen.  But I am going to start with the food!

We went with a tour group so breakfast and dinner was included, and pre-decided, for us.  I learned very quickly they do not offer much in terms of protein (compared to what I eat at home!) We ate a lot of pasta, of course, and pizza.  Oh, and gelato of course!  We traveled from Sorrento, to Naples, to Capri, to Rome–and the food was noticably different from city to city.

So lets begin with the pizza!  The first is the one I got right outside Pompeii (and I was starving because we had just climbed Vesuvius!)  The second is a pizza from Rome (right outside the Vatican!), and the last was my favorite pizza–and one of my favorite meals altogether–from Naples, the birthplace of pizza! 







You can see how much thinner the pizza from Rome is compared to Naples.  It was very different from American pizza, in the best way possible.  Way less sauce and cheese.  And there is lots of olive oil.  Just to REALLY show you how good the Naples pizza was, here is a close up:


After writing this post I came to the conclusion I HAVE to recreate this pizza tonight–with prosciutto.  So that is my nights agenda!

Now, on to the gelato.  I tried as many flavors as I could  Strawberry, lemon, mixed fruit, chocolate, nutella, vanilla, mint chocolate chip, regular chocolate chip, champagne.  So much creamier than ice cream–and more satisfyinh because of it.  Dont need as much!  Heres MOST of the gelato I ate.  Note the first picture–thats how I felt EVERY TIME I got to eat it!







As you can see, I did not go hungry!  I will be back tomorrow (morning!) with details on our mozzarella bar excursion (SO. MUCH. CHEESE), and pictures from Capri–by far the most beautiful place on earth.

Also–I did run while there!  I couldnt run in Sorrento, but I ran with students 3 mornings while in Rome!  Check it out on Strava (um, yeah, of course I brought my Garmin–when else would I be able to boast runs in Rome?!)


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