Weeks Worth of Workouts (my biggest run week in months!)

My last couple of days have been filled with running, family, and Italy excitement! Its been hot (still, off ourselves, it’s summer!) and humid, so I wear my ridiculously long hair like this when I run:


Why am I showing hou this? Because PW told me I look like the Indian from The Indian in the Cupboard. I couldn’t start my run for five minutes after that because I was laughing so hard!

Also, is dude stoked out our front stairs for two days. Is it butterfly? Looks like its still part caterpillar if you ask me.


Yesterday I hit up a one year olds birthday party. My cousin made all the food, inspired by pinterest. It was a-ma-zing. Check this out:

Bruschetta, individual monkey bread, baked potato dip, pizza bites. I also ate my weight in mozzarella/prosciutto.

The cake was the best part though, it was seriously a piece of artwork:

I leave for Italy TOMORROW! So here is my weeks worth of workouts for this week–I was trying to cram in as much as possible.

Monday- off

Tuesday- 60 min

Wednesday- 35 min

Thursday- 45 minutes

Friday- 70 min

Saturday- 30 min

Sunday- 90 minutes

For a total of 36.5 miles for the week.

I do PLAN on running while in Italy. A couple of kids going are on the cross country team so I told them if they wanted to run I’d go with them. I’m a little sketched about running by myself so I will probably only make the effort if I am not alone! I will be gone 9 days, but two of them are travel days. It works out to eight days of minimal running plus maximum walking (Rome, Sorrento, Capri etc.)

Off to a family dinner tonight, and then all that stands between me and Italia is a haircut, a run, and a really long flight!


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