Weeks Worth of NEW YORK workouts!

Why is working out in New York sooo much easier to get motivated for? We drove home on Monday (not getting home until 10:30pm!), and I have not had the same motivation for running long since! Here is last weeks totals:

Monday: 2 hour ride (with PW in Henrietta, NY)

Tuesday: 1.5 hour ride (in Henrietta), 50 min run

Wednesday: 1.5 hour ride (with PW in Henrietta), 60 min run

Thursday: 60 minute run

Friday: 90 minute run

Saturday: 90 minute run

Sunday: nothing! Other than an insane amount of cheering/walking during Ironman Lake Placid!

Total: 5 hours biking, around 39.5 miles running

I’m trying to keep my run volume above 35 miles per week now that I am comfortably there through building. I am also continuing to focus on nutrition…I am down 7 pounds since I started running consistently again. And that of course affects workouts!

Be back this afternoon with my Ironman Lake Placid Spectator Report!


A typical day in Lake Placid!

Most people (especially those racing!) started off the day with the swim. Because of that, I can start this entry off on the right foot–with a picture of some blog promotion on Mirror Lake (shield children’s eyes!)

Everyone meet Paul, aka one of the famous Speedo Guys!


He is racing on Sunday (not in the speedo!), so if you see him wish him luck. His blog is http://www.paulemccloskey.blogspot.com , I’m sure he will have a pretty epic race report up next week!

So while everyone else is swimming, PW and I went out for a 90 minute run (separately, don’t worry). I am taking a different strategy this year, running on all back roads instead of the run course or around the lake. It’s nice to be out in this beautiful area, on new (to me) roads enjoying it. Oh, and I tried to run on the run course, but only THREE of the 64 people I saw said good morning back to me. I must look scary when running….I’ll have to look into that.

(view from our condo)

Came back and we got down to some TRX business.


Today was upper bodies and abs. Tomorrow is lower body (FROWN FACE, these are so hard for me!) and abs.

Would anybody be interested in an entry that walks you through TRX exercise?? Let me know! Maybe I can get PW to do an atomic push-up video!

Contemplating a recovery ride. Tomorrow morning is the QT2 breakfast, 100 people will be there! Looking forward to seeing everyone.

First Day in Lake Placid…

We began our drive from Rochester to Lake Placid yesterday at about 1 in the afternoon. Started the morning with what is most likely my last Tim Hortons Iced coffee ever (they, unfortunately, got worse each day) and an hour run. Then PW and I did a 90 minute recovery ride together. The pictures below pretty much capture what the riding was like out there:




Notice a theme!? Not complaining in the least though–I LOVE riding in farmland! The only downside: I got stung by a bee. For the first time I can remember! It hurt so bad that I called my mother just to make sure wasn’t allergic. I am not, but the fist sized welt on my leg is not the most pleasant (the little jerk bee was relaxing on my seat post waiting to sting me!)

Anyways, so we took the scenic route to LP, and a mere 5 hours later and with a view of Canada in the distance, we made it! Headed straight for dinner with Jim and Kelly at Milanos (the goat cheese, onion, sun dried tomato pizza was amazing) and the grocery store my requisite eggs.

PW had a 3.5 hour ride on tap, so I dropped him off at the bottom of the descent (and was HAPPY to do so–seeing the way some people ride that narrow stretch of twisty road with a speed limit of 55 really sketched me out! ) Got in an hour run myself and am heading back to the grocery store before we meet up for some TRX’ing!

Off to enjoy my favorite place and favorite week of the year!

When in Rome…

aka what we REALLY did in Italy!!  Here is a picture for each place we went…

1) Sperlonga



2) Capri


3) Climbed Vesuvius


4) Pompeii


5) Herculaneum


6) Spent time in Sorrento (2 pictures for this one–first one is the view from our hotel balcony.  Second one is the man who handmade my CUSTOM shoes while I waited!)Image


7) The Capitoline Museum (I am posing with a mosaic of Medusa because well…my hair looks Medusa like aka gigantic and everywhere)


8) The Colosseum


9) Ostia Antica


10) Visited an archaeological dig


11) And the Vatican! (This is from the Basilica)



-St. Paul’s Outside the Walls


-Spanish Steps

-Trevi Fountain

-The Catacombs

-Sistine Chapel

We crammed in a LOT in those 8 days!!!  It was amazing to walk on the same, original streets that people 2000 years ago walked on.  The kids (and us!!!) LOVED the history (they are Latin students, after all, so this is what they had been learning about for years!).  I was so lucky to have gone on this trip–definitely a trip of a lifetime!!


Check back tonight for an entry about our dinner with a special guest (the dinner is happening tonight….)

3 Things from My Ride w/PW and aWeeks Worth of Workouts

So I just got back from a recovery ride (for him, almost zone 1 for me) with PW and three noteworthy things happened.

1) a guy yelled at us to “Get a license plate!”. REALLY? I have had things chucked from windows at me. Had lewd offers yelled. Multiple hand gestures. THAT is the best you can come up with? PWs response? “I’ll get right on that”

2) a hometown cyclist came up to ask where we got our jerseys. And then told us, when we stopped at a red light, that New York cyclists don’t follow the rules of the road, traffic lights, etc. and proceeded to run the red light. Okay buddy! I sincerely hope he was only speaking for himself because in MA that gets you killed.

3) I got my chain stuck between my cassette and my wheel. Thankfully, I brought my bike mechanic with me (aka I was tagging along with my extremely gifted mechanic/husband) and he fixed it in no time. But how did I manage that? If I had been by myself, a hissy fit would have ensued. (side note, that was autocorrected to “hussy fit” which is something I do not take part in!!)

Now for the weeks worth of workouts. I can’t believe that 6 days ago I was running on the streets of Rome!!

Monday: 30 min run in Italy

Tuesday: 30 minute run in Italy

Wednesday: off

Thursday: 40 min run

Friday: 50 minute run

Saturday: 40 minute run

Sunday: 30 minute run

Total: 26 miles. Not a ton of miles but I happy I got out there 6/7 days, especially with the Italy jet lag dragging me down!

Hoping to get in some serious run and bike time this week–considering that’s the only thing I have to do ALL WEEK!

MusselMan Half Iron Weekend

A little break from the Italy Update. This weekend was the MusselMan Half Iron in Geneva, NY. We dropped off the dogs on Friday morning and then got of dodge–6 hours straight west on Route 90. A quick stop for dinner, and we were at Curbeau’s house by 8. Crashed pretty seriously after sharing some pizza and white wine with his parents (yes, I had dinner, but I wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to spend time with them–they are AWESOME people!). Woke up early for Carbo Loading Day. Started with breakfast:


The guys spent the rest of the day eating pretzels and bagels, I spent the rest of the day napping, reading, and enjoying the view:


(how could I not enjoy that?!)

Up early yesterday for race day. Like, 3:15 am early. Applesauce in, head to the race site. The lovely Mary Eggers showed up, coffee in hand for me. While PW was starting the race/swimming, Mary and I ran around the race venue, then out onto the bike course for cheering. About 20 minutes into the bike (run was already done), the weather turned pretty severely. It went from muggy to apocalyptic thunderstorm. I was prepared (as per usual!) with a rain jacket and umbrella.


However….I was supposed to go out on the run course on my bike. And it was down pouring. I waited until the last second and then hopped on the ol’ Scott. I wore my rain jacket but was soaked within 30 seconds! I was quite a sight to behold with my run shorts stuck to me and drenched hair! The rain, unfortunately for the racers but fortunately for me, stopped when Pdubs got to about mile 4. Hung out for a just little bit post-race, more rain was moving in and we had to get back on the road!

(for more race details, check out PW’s and Curbeau’s blog, links on the right of this page! Race reports should be up soon!)

We are now staying in Henrietta, NY for the next 3 days before heading to Lake Placid on Wednesday!!! Dare I say this is a mini vacation? It is a training vacation for sure–nothing on our agenda but swimming, biking, and running. In fact, I need to get out there ASAP, it’s supposed to be unnecessarily hot today and tomorrow!

Back this afternoon with what we did in Italy (if you read my other entires, you might think all we did was eat, but I promise there was more!)


Capri Island – THe most beautiful place on earth!

Ah, Capri.  It is an island off the coast of Italy that is part of the Province of Naples.  It was Tiberius’ “play island” and we heard stories of him throwing slaves out of a hole in the side of cliff.  Now it is an island for the rich and the famous–resorts and houses belonging to Ferragamo.  Oh, and its wear capri pants came from!  The water is so clear, the air so crisp, no words will do this justice, so I present you with the pictures instead:Image






Mozzarella Bar – American Cheese is NOT Italian Cheese!

Every day, we had the opportunity to get lunch on our own.  One day, we set the kids loose in Rome and the chaperones went for lunch at a mozzarella bar.  I waited all week for this lunch–what could be better than multiple kinds of cheese??  We ordered the sampler that came with five different types:
Paestum, Pontina, Affumicata, Stracciatella di Burrata, and Ricotta di Bufala.  My favorite was the stracciatella (the softest cheese, in the bowl) with the ricotta a close second!


We couldnt eat just cheese alone (okay, yes we could have, especially this cheese–but we were very hungry) so we got an array of sides:

A meat platter with Salame Felino, Prosciutto Crudo San Daniele DOP, and Mortadella di Prato PS i LOVE prosciutto–I used to eat a lot of it at my grandpa’s house when I was a kid!)


As well a plate of grilled veggies and a couple of plates of foccacia:



This meal was way up there on the Best of Italy.  I didnt think it could get better, but then we finished it with Tiramisu.  Italian Tiramisu.



Yes, this is the same day as that unbelievable gelato, as seen by my shirt.  Dont judge!

Check back this afternoon for an entry with Capri pictures….

First Italy Recap–Pizza and Gelato Post

I am back from Italy!!  Actually, I got back on Tuesday night but our internet has been shifty since then.  Verizon came and fixed it (for the most part) today, so now I am up for the Italy recaps!  We did so much while there I dont even know where to begin so I decided to put it into two parts: Activities and Food.  Again, I traveled with 3 other chaperones and 25 high school Latin students, so there were a lot of historical sights to be seen.  But I am going to start with the food!

We went with a tour group so breakfast and dinner was included, and pre-decided, for us.  I learned very quickly they do not offer much in terms of protein (compared to what I eat at home!) We ate a lot of pasta, of course, and pizza.  Oh, and gelato of course!  We traveled from Sorrento, to Naples, to Capri, to Rome–and the food was noticably different from city to city.

So lets begin with the pizza!  The first is the one I got right outside Pompeii (and I was starving because we had just climbed Vesuvius!)  The second is a pizza from Rome (right outside the Vatican!), and the last was my favorite pizza–and one of my favorite meals altogether–from Naples, the birthplace of pizza! 







You can see how much thinner the pizza from Rome is compared to Naples.  It was very different from American pizza, in the best way possible.  Way less sauce and cheese.  And there is lots of olive oil.  Just to REALLY show you how good the Naples pizza was, here is a close up:


After writing this post I came to the conclusion I HAVE to recreate this pizza tonight–with prosciutto.  So that is my nights agenda!

Now, on to the gelato.  I tried as many flavors as I could  Strawberry, lemon, mixed fruit, chocolate, nutella, vanilla, mint chocolate chip, regular chocolate chip, champagne.  So much creamier than ice cream–and more satisfyinh because of it.  Dont need as much!  Heres MOST of the gelato I ate.  Note the first picture–thats how I felt EVERY TIME I got to eat it!







As you can see, I did not go hungry!  I will be back tomorrow (morning!) with details on our mozzarella bar excursion (SO. MUCH. CHEESE), and pictures from Capri–by far the most beautiful place on earth.

Also–I did run while there!  I couldnt run in Sorrento, but I ran with students 3 mornings while in Rome!  Check it out on Strava (um, yeah, of course I brought my Garmin–when else would I be able to boast runs in Rome?!)

Weeks Worth of Workouts (my biggest run week in months!)

My last couple of days have been filled with running, family, and Italy excitement! Its been hot (still, off ourselves, it’s summer!) and humid, so I wear my ridiculously long hair like this when I run:


Why am I showing hou this? Because PW told me I look like the Indian from The Indian in the Cupboard. I couldn’t start my run for five minutes after that because I was laughing so hard!

Also, is dude stoked out our front stairs for two days. Is it butterfly? Looks like its still part caterpillar if you ask me.


Yesterday I hit up a one year olds birthday party. My cousin made all the food, inspired by pinterest. It was a-ma-zing. Check this out:

Bruschetta, individual monkey bread, baked potato dip, pizza bites. I also ate my weight in mozzarella/prosciutto.

The cake was the best part though, it was seriously a piece of artwork:

I leave for Italy TOMORROW! So here is my weeks worth of workouts for this week–I was trying to cram in as much as possible.

Monday- off

Tuesday- 60 min

Wednesday- 35 min

Thursday- 45 minutes

Friday- 70 min

Saturday- 30 min

Sunday- 90 minutes

For a total of 36.5 miles for the week.

I do PLAN on running while in Italy. A couple of kids going are on the cross country team so I told them if they wanted to run I’d go with them. I’m a little sketched about running by myself so I will probably only make the effort if I am not alone! I will be gone 9 days, but two of them are travel days. It works out to eight days of minimal running plus maximum walking (Rome, Sorrento, Capri etc.)

Off to a family dinner tonight, and then all that stands between me and Italia is a haircut, a run, and a really long flight!