Summer Running

There is something so low stress about running in the summer. I don’t have to decide when–it will always be first thing in the morning. I love the really hot days when you run at 7am and its perfect out but you know by 11am you’ll be so happy you already got out. It also leaves all afternoon for riding my bike which is something I really like to do when it’s hot, it’s like built in air conditioning.


It probably also has something to do with the fact I am on REAL SUMMER VACATION now! I am trying to cram in social events before I leave for Italy. Tuesday was dinner/school committee meeting with two awesome teachers, last night we won’t to dinner with Dave and Catherine (pictures below) at The Mill, and tonight is my last class before summer is off!



Not sure why it is blurry….

The Mill (on Rte 12 for you locals) has been pretty hit or miss every time we go. Last night, though, it was a hit. I got the warm pulled pork salad and it was pretty darn good:


I know it looks like cat food but it tasted not like cat food!

Don’t worry there were nachos and garlic bread too, I a, not wasting away over here by any means.

In terms of running:

Monday: off. I was so wrecked from the weekend! I took a long nap.

Tuesday: 60 minutes

Wednesday: 35 minutes with PW-I bonked at the end. Of 35 minutes. Ha!

Thursday: 45 minutes.

It’s supposed to St real hot through Monday so I am not sure what will be on the agenda–probably more of the same with the addition to bike riding (see above)

The rest of my day includes making cookies for my grad class, going to the bank to exchange some dollars for Euros, and stopping by my parents house to pick up some farm fresh peas (favorite summer snack ever!!) hope your week is going well….


What is your favorite season/month to run in?


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