Inside a triathletes refrigerator

After being away for the weekend, I had to restock our fridge when we got back. I figured it was as good a time as any to show you the staples we keep in there.


This includes about 4 dinners that are part of our weekly rotation: homemade pizza with my veggie laden sauce (pre long ride dinner), turkey burgers (on low carb bread), salads with a ton of veggies and ground turkey, chicken sausage with veggies on the side. I am also really into French onion soup right now-hence the onions! We have normal condiments in the door: whipped butter, ketchup, fish oils, low cal margarita mix (that’s mine, not PW’s 😉 ). As well as soymilk and apple juice for smoothies.

Between the eggs and dinner stuff, that will only last us 4 days at most!


Alright off for a run before heading to dinner with my high school math teacher turned mentor/colleague/friend (I’m a lucky gal!)


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