LastDay of QT2 Camp aka Long Run Day!

Yesterday was the last day of QT2 camp. This also happens to coincide with long run day (for the athletes-not me!) I woke up early for some more amazing coffee (thanks to Laskey for bringing the Kona Brew!) and to do a massage. While everyone else was doing a recovery ride I banged out a quick 45 minute run. Then it was time for my Sherpa duties to begin! Packed up the van as a water station (sports drink, gels, and bars), and made sure the magnets were set and ready to be identified by the runners:



They were doing one loop of the run course so I parked on river road and and admired the views as they worked hard:


Amazing right? I got in a few five minute laps but was in mortal fear someone was going to steal the van or the nutrition so I stayed close to home base.

Speaking of views–we stayed in possibly the spectacular spot in LP. It is PERFECT for race day and I wish we could rent it out a month from now! This is the view from the porch, and it’s right on Main St:

After the run it was time for lunch, athlete of the weekend voting, and packing up! We had a LOT of stuff to pack in the car–including a bike, massage table, 3 bags, and a ton of nutrition. Here is the back of car only 3/4 of the way packed:


We made it home in record time, only stopping at Panera for a quick dinner on the way. Now it is officially SUMMER VACATION for me! I have 6 days to run my little heart out before heading to Italy!

Unfortunately the weather is not cooperating quite yet for that running thing but sleeping in until 8:30 and the consequential iced nonfat caramel macchiato (the drive tuckered me out–can you believe I drove 18 hours between Thursday and Sunday?!).

Run wise I didn’t get in QUITE what I hoped for the week but my long run was upped which is all I can ask for! I have the Philadelphia Marathon in November in my radar….maybe it’s because Jesse and now Eggers are doing it. Hmmmm…..


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