QT2 Camp Day 1 (well…day 2 I guess!)

So, school is over. I ended my last day with an amazing present from a student….check this thing out:


As you may or may not have heard (okay, let’s be serious you probably lived it–my blog isn’t exactly international!!), it’s been super hot in New England. Here are two shots from Wednesday and Thursday:


However, I am not one to complain. Remember, I wanted to ,I’ve to Texas? I LOVE this weather!!

So…let’s start with this morning and the QT2 camp. I was on sag wagon duty, which meant that I was looping the bike course and providing fluid/nutrition to the athletes on the 112 miles ride. Here is everyone before they started (notice all the happy faces-smiling with the promise of their two loop Lake Placid ride ahead of them)


I saw a lot of this:


But I also had the cutest co pilot ever (Dog is My CoPilot –see what I did there?)


And these views to contend with:


112 miles, a nice dinner at Dancing Bears, and now sitting in for a nutrition talk and perhaps some fun at Wise Guys later (work hard, play hard!)

Tomorrow the massages start–the real work begins. Also another run around Mirror Lake (and for the 39th time this week–still my favorite place to run!)

This is one of my favorite books, so I thought I’d share the awesome pun:


Hope YOUR last day of school was great, too 🙂


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