Weeks Worth of Workouts

It’s been a while since my last WWW–maybe before my last race (which was the Hyannis Half in February!). This week was awesome in terms of running.


Monday-45 minutes Z1

Tuesday-47 minutes Z1 (w/JD)


Thursday-62 minutes Z1


Saturday-40 minutes Z1

Sunday-40 minutes Z1 + 62 minute Z1 bike

Total: 26 miles running.


As I am trying to plan out next week running, I get to incorporate my running in Lake Placid! If possible, I’d like to do the bulk of my running while there! I am aiming for 30-35 miles. I am all about BUILDING before I take a recovery week while in Italy. Plan on getting a couple of short recovery runs in with the kids while overseas…as much as I can plan!

This is the last couple of days before the month of traveling begins– LP camp, Italy, Musselman, Lake Placid race! Woohoo! Lots of New Yorkin’


In other news ( since this is partially a food blog ) check out the Fathers Day Dessert my mom made–homemad Strawberry Short Cake! So amazing!



Found this on the old’ internets and it seemed particularly poignant. East to say when I have my dream job, but I know a lot of people aren’t so lucky




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