Fear of Dentists

So yesterday, while teaching during second period, a piece of my filling fell out of tooth. I called the dentist for an emergency appointment, and they fit me in after lunch. This means that I proceeded to spend the next 3 hours 1) unable to stop touching the filling hole wi my tongue, resulting in a cut, sore tongue (attractive, I know) and 2) in mortal feed because OMG what if they need to do a root canal or something? What if it HURTS? (by the way, I have no idea–and don’t want to know, what a root canal is)

Well turns out I didn’t need to be afraid. I was in and out in 20 minutes with no novocaine! I couldn’t stop telling the dentist and his assistant that I loved them!

I got back to school, finished teaching for the day and then headed out for a 45 minute run with a coworker. We ran downhill for 22 and a half minutes, and then uphill for the second half. Think we did that backwards! The uphill is brutal on this route. Finished and headed to grab some food to bring to my meeting that started at 5.

Meeting about our Italy trip (19 days wahoooooo!) from 5-9:30 and then home to crash! I am used to staying up late on Thursday, because that is grad class might but do it on a Tuesday and I am a wreck the next day!


Quick treadmill run today, as it’s pouring. My goal is to get in 25 miles this week so I can up the mileage warily in my favorite running town of Lake Placid next week (seriously, what is better than doing loops around Mirror Lake??)




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