3 Reasons You Are Lucky You’re Not Married To Me

Here is a glimpse into my husbands life the last 24 hours (a.k.a why you are so happy you’re not married to me)


1) Lake Placid camp is coming up (next week). Me, and another guy I have never met, are doing the massages. Last night, I woke PW up frantic with the question “What if we get to camp, and they say all the massage therapists have to sleep in the same room?! Ill miss you!” Unlikely, but still a rational fear.


2) I bought new shoes last night, and spent 30 minutes in store deciding between two sizes. I am 29 and still cannot figure out what size shoe to buy. I came home and proceeded to question whether I got the right side to PW for over an hour. I then woke up and did the same thing for 30 minutes before I left for work. I may have also forced PW to pretend he worked in a shoe store and “fit me” to see if they were the right size.


3) I just had a nutty over the fact I found a spider vein in my leg and I am now convinced I am going to wake up with George Hincapie legs. Like….tomorrow (google it if you don’t know what that implies–you need the visual, trust me).


In other news, nice run today. Aiming for 25 miles this week….REALLYa aiming for doing them all outside! The workload continue to decline with the onset of finals, so it’s just working around my scheduled meetings now!


Fantastic smoothie for dinner….still loving the VitaMix!




5 responses

  1. The only thing I saw when this first popped up on my Twitter was “3 Reasons to be happy you’re not married…” and I was like… um… Court… you are…

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