Grilled Pizza, an Update, and the Marlborough Triathlon

With the end of the school year fast approaching, it means a drastic increase in the amount of my cooking/baking.  I only have 9 days of work left (sad face!), so I am ramping up the recipes.  Today I decided to face a cooking fear I have: grilling pizza.  Turns out my fear was COMPLETELY RATIONAL! 

But first, we went to the Marlborough Triathlon today and saw none other than Andrew Ference of Boston Bruins doing the bike portion (he was on a team with Jarrod Shoemaker, of Olympic fame):


Props to our friends Steve and Alicia for taking the overall wins and to Jarrod and Andrew for being first overall team and third overall finishing!

So back to the pizza!  First thing is get your grill going, pretty darn hot.  While thats going, stretch out your dough so its about 12 inches in diameter (whoever said you wouldnt need to know math terms as a grown up was LYING!):


Place the dough on a olive oil greased cookie sheet, and use a paper towel to spread olive oil on the grill (and tongs!!!)


It take but a minute for it took cook!  There is 45 seconds between this (nightmare):

ImageAnd this (perfection):

ImageOnce its done, add your toppings (to the cooked side, just in case you didnt know!!)

ImageAdd back to the grill with the heat very low and the cover down so the cheese can cook.  Soon after you have pizza heaven!

ImageI love Bertucci’s pizza (and Oli’s if youre local) so this is my new favorite way to cook pizza!  It was also nice not turning on the oven when its 90 degrees out!

I am hoping blog updates will come more frequently now that I have more time…especially since exciting things are coming up: Lake Placid Training camp (June 22nd), Trip to Italy (July 2nd), Lake Placid Ironman (to Observe, July 21st), etc!.  And do not fear, Ive actually been upping the run mileage.  Considering I didnt run regularly for a couple of months, its nice to get back into the swing things.  This last week I fit in four runs 45-60 minutes.  Next week I am hoping to have more time=more runs!


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