Summer Running

There is something so low stress about running in the summer. I don’t have to decide when–it will always be first thing in the morning. I love the really hot days when you run at 7am and its perfect out but you know by 11am you’ll be so happy you already got out. It also leaves all afternoon for riding my bike which is something I really like to do when it’s hot, it’s like built in air conditioning.


It probably also has something to do with the fact I am on REAL SUMMER VACATION now! I am trying to cram in social events before I leave for Italy. Tuesday was dinner/school committee meeting with two awesome teachers, last night we won’t to dinner with Dave and Catherine (pictures below) at The Mill, and tonight is my last class before summer is off!



Not sure why it is blurry….

The Mill (on Rte 12 for you locals) has been pretty hit or miss every time we go. Last night, though, it was a hit. I got the warm pulled pork salad and it was pretty darn good:


I know it looks like cat food but it tasted not like cat food!

Don’t worry there were nachos and garlic bread too, I a, not wasting away over here by any means.

In terms of running:

Monday: off. I was so wrecked from the weekend! I took a long nap.

Tuesday: 60 minutes

Wednesday: 35 minutes with PW-I bonked at the end. Of 35 minutes. Ha!

Thursday: 45 minutes.

It’s supposed to St real hot through Monday so I am not sure what will be on the agenda–probably more of the same with the addition to bike riding (see above)

The rest of my day includes making cookies for my grad class, going to the bank to exchange some dollars for Euros, and stopping by my parents house to pick up some farm fresh peas (favorite summer snack ever!!) hope your week is going well….


What is your favorite season/month to run in?


Inside a triathletes refrigerator

After being away for the weekend, I had to restock our fridge when we got back. I figured it was as good a time as any to show you the staples we keep in there.


This includes about 4 dinners that are part of our weekly rotation: homemade pizza with my veggie laden sauce (pre long ride dinner), turkey burgers (on low carb bread), salads with a ton of veggies and ground turkey, chicken sausage with veggies on the side. I am also really into French onion soup right now-hence the onions! We have normal condiments in the door: whipped butter, ketchup, fish oils, low cal margarita mix (that’s mine, not PW’s 😉 ). As well as soymilk and apple juice for smoothies.

Between the eggs and dinner stuff, that will only last us 4 days at most!


Alright off for a run before heading to dinner with my high school math teacher turned mentor/colleague/friend (I’m a lucky gal!)

LastDay of QT2 Camp aka Long Run Day!

Yesterday was the last day of QT2 camp. This also happens to coincide with long run day (for the athletes-not me!) I woke up early for some more amazing coffee (thanks to Laskey for bringing the Kona Brew!) and to do a massage. While everyone else was doing a recovery ride I banged out a quick 45 minute run. Then it was time for my Sherpa duties to begin! Packed up the van as a water station (sports drink, gels, and bars), and made sure the magnets were set and ready to be identified by the runners:



They were doing one loop of the run course so I parked on river road and and admired the views as they worked hard:


Amazing right? I got in a few five minute laps but was in mortal fear someone was going to steal the van or the nutrition so I stayed close to home base.

Speaking of views–we stayed in possibly the spectacular spot in LP. It is PERFECT for race day and I wish we could rent it out a month from now! This is the view from the porch, and it’s right on Main St:

After the run it was time for lunch, athlete of the weekend voting, and packing up! We had a LOT of stuff to pack in the car–including a bike, massage table, 3 bags, and a ton of nutrition. Here is the back of car only 3/4 of the way packed:


We made it home in record time, only stopping at Panera for a quick dinner on the way. Now it is officially SUMMER VACATION for me! I have 6 days to run my little heart out before heading to Italy!

Unfortunately the weather is not cooperating quite yet for that running thing but sleeping in until 8:30 and the consequential iced nonfat caramel macchiato (the drive tuckered me out–can you believe I drove 18 hours between Thursday and Sunday?!).

Run wise I didn’t get in QUITE what I hoped for the week but my long run was upped which is all I can ask for! I have the Philadelphia Marathon in November in my radar….maybe it’s because Jesse and now Eggers are doing it. Hmmmm…..

Feeding 30 Triathletes

Today the athletes had a LONG swim (5400 yards!), a recovery ride, and a run. Between that and the 2 loop bike yesterday they were hungry! And in need of a good, solid, nutrient dense meal. I did some massages, ran 60 minutes, did some more massages, ran another 30 minutes, and then did more massages. I was pretty hungry after that, too!

So this was the meal that was out together for us:






The most amazing from scratch pesto bread:

My plate, please note those croutons, I was in love with them.

andddd cookies I will be dreaming about for weeks! Note the awesome light in this shot!

Tomorrow is a couple more massages, a couple more runs, and then unfortunately a drive home. Wish we could stay another night! The countdown to Italy begins–we leave a week from Monday!

QT2 Camp Day 1 (well…day 2 I guess!)

So, school is over. I ended my last day with an amazing present from a student….check this thing out:


As you may or may not have heard (okay, let’s be serious you probably lived it–my blog isn’t exactly international!!), it’s been super hot in New England. Here are two shots from Wednesday and Thursday:


However, I am not one to complain. Remember, I wanted to ,I’ve to Texas? I LOVE this weather!!

So…let’s start with this morning and the QT2 camp. I was on sag wagon duty, which meant that I was looping the bike course and providing fluid/nutrition to the athletes on the 112 miles ride. Here is everyone before they started (notice all the happy faces-smiling with the promise of their two loop Lake Placid ride ahead of them)


I saw a lot of this:


But I also had the cutest co pilot ever (Dog is My CoPilot –see what I did there?)


And these views to contend with:


112 miles, a nice dinner at Dancing Bears, and now sitting in for a nutrition talk and perhaps some fun at Wise Guys later (work hard, play hard!)

Tomorrow the massages start–the real work begins. Also another run around Mirror Lake (and for the 39th time this week–still my favorite place to run!)

This is one of my favorite books, so I thought I’d share the awesome pun:


Hope YOUR last day of school was great, too 🙂

Weeks Worth of Workouts

It’s been a while since my last WWW–maybe before my last race (which was the Hyannis Half in February!). This week was awesome in terms of running.


Monday-45 minutes Z1

Tuesday-47 minutes Z1 (w/JD)


Thursday-62 minutes Z1


Saturday-40 minutes Z1

Sunday-40 minutes Z1 + 62 minute Z1 bike

Total: 26 miles running.


As I am trying to plan out next week running, I get to incorporate my running in Lake Placid! If possible, I’d like to do the bulk of my running while there! I am aiming for 30-35 miles. I am all about BUILDING before I take a recovery week while in Italy. Plan on getting a couple of short recovery runs in with the kids while overseas…as much as I can plan!

This is the last couple of days before the month of traveling begins– LP camp, Italy, Musselman, Lake Placid race! Woohoo! Lots of New Yorkin’


In other news ( since this is partially a food blog ) check out the Fathers Day Dessert my mom made–homemad Strawberry Short Cake! So amazing!



Found this on the old’ internets and it seemed particularly poignant. East to say when I have my dream job, but I know a lot of people aren’t so lucky



Fear of Dentists

So yesterday, while teaching during second period, a piece of my filling fell out of tooth. I called the dentist for an emergency appointment, and they fit me in after lunch. This means that I proceeded to spend the next 3 hours 1) unable to stop touching the filling hole wi my tongue, resulting in a cut, sore tongue (attractive, I know) and 2) in mortal feed because OMG what if they need to do a root canal or something? What if it HURTS? (by the way, I have no idea–and don’t want to know, what a root canal is)

Well turns out I didn’t need to be afraid. I was in and out in 20 minutes with no novocaine! I couldn’t stop telling the dentist and his assistant that I loved them!

I got back to school, finished teaching for the day and then headed out for a 45 minute run with a coworker. We ran downhill for 22 and a half minutes, and then uphill for the second half. Think we did that backwards! The uphill is brutal on this route. Finished and headed to grab some food to bring to my meeting that started at 5.

Meeting about our Italy trip (19 days wahoooooo!) from 5-9:30 and then home to crash! I am used to staying up late on Thursday, because that is grad class might but do it on a Tuesday and I am a wreck the next day!


Quick treadmill run today, as it’s pouring. My goal is to get in 25 miles this week so I can up the mileage warily in my favorite running town of Lake Placid next week (seriously, what is better than doing loops around Mirror Lake??)



3 Reasons You Are Lucky You’re Not Married To Me

Here is a glimpse into my husbands life the last 24 hours (a.k.a why you are so happy you’re not married to me)


1) Lake Placid camp is coming up (next week). Me, and another guy I have never met, are doing the massages. Last night, I woke PW up frantic with the question “What if we get to camp, and they say all the massage therapists have to sleep in the same room?! Ill miss you!” Unlikely, but still a rational fear.


2) I bought new shoes last night, and spent 30 minutes in store deciding between two sizes. I am 29 and still cannot figure out what size shoe to buy. I came home and proceeded to question whether I got the right side to PW for over an hour. I then woke up and did the same thing for 30 minutes before I left for work. I may have also forced PW to pretend he worked in a shoe store and “fit me” to see if they were the right size.


3) I just had a nutty over the fact I found a spider vein in my leg and I am now convinced I am going to wake up with George Hincapie legs. Like….tomorrow (google it if you don’t know what that implies–you need the visual, trust me).


In other news, nice run today. Aiming for 25 miles this week….REALLYa aiming for doing them all outside! The workload continue to decline with the onset of finals, so it’s just working around my scheduled meetings now!


Fantastic smoothie for dinner….still loving the VitaMix!



Grilled Pizza, an Update, and the Marlborough Triathlon

With the end of the school year fast approaching, it means a drastic increase in the amount of my cooking/baking.  I only have 9 days of work left (sad face!), so I am ramping up the recipes.  Today I decided to face a cooking fear I have: grilling pizza.  Turns out my fear was COMPLETELY RATIONAL! 

But first, we went to the Marlborough Triathlon today and saw none other than Andrew Ference of Boston Bruins doing the bike portion (he was on a team with Jarrod Shoemaker, of Olympic fame):


Props to our friends Steve and Alicia for taking the overall wins and to Jarrod and Andrew for being first overall team and third overall finishing!

So back to the pizza!  First thing is get your grill going, pretty darn hot.  While thats going, stretch out your dough so its about 12 inches in diameter (whoever said you wouldnt need to know math terms as a grown up was LYING!):


Place the dough on a olive oil greased cookie sheet, and use a paper towel to spread olive oil on the grill (and tongs!!!)


It take but a minute for it took cook!  There is 45 seconds between this (nightmare):

ImageAnd this (perfection):

ImageOnce its done, add your toppings (to the cooked side, just in case you didnt know!!)

ImageAdd back to the grill with the heat very low and the cover down so the cheese can cook.  Soon after you have pizza heaven!

ImageI love Bertucci’s pizza (and Oli’s if youre local) so this is my new favorite way to cook pizza!  It was also nice not turning on the oven when its 90 degrees out!

I am hoping blog updates will come more frequently now that I have more time…especially since exciting things are coming up: Lake Placid Training camp (June 22nd), Trip to Italy (July 2nd), Lake Placid Ironman (to Observe, July 21st), etc!.  And do not fear, Ive actually been upping the run mileage.  Considering I didnt run regularly for a couple of months, its nice to get back into the swing things.  This last week I fit in four runs 45-60 minutes.  Next week I am hoping to have more time=more runs!