Sponsored by a Speedo!

A few major developments to share with the blog world! The first is above and beyond awesome. You night remember my Speedo friends from Lake Placid: they cheer throughout the race in JUST speedos. Sometimes with Pom Poms:


Above is Paul and Jim talking with their fans/posing for pictures. In between autographs, he would make sure to tell people to visit ThatRunnerChick.com for more info 🙂

Well, Paul is racing Lake Placid this year. And these are the pictures he tweeted the other day:



YEP! That’s right, he has a cupcakes+running=thatrunnerchick.com speedo! I am psyched about this! If you see him around Mirror Lake race week make sure to say hello! I owe him many loaves of PowerBar replacement Banana Bread for this!!!! And perhaps some Ubu Ales post race!

Second, PW and I finally bought the bullet and bought this:



I don’t know how we lasted so long. We have been through 2 blenders in 3 years. I killed the last one while making my special veggie pizza sauce–the engine actually started smoking. PDubs was in Galveston and he said “buy a GOOD replacement blender–even if it’s expensive!”. I don’t think he was expecting this expensive but it ends up as being the same at the rate we were going replacing! I made a smoothie the other day and it took less than two minutes! Efficient and easy to clean-I’m already sold.

Last, while we were in Texas a package was delivered to our house here. I wasn’t expecting anything but check out what it was:



A pre-release copy of Scott Jureks Eat&Run! They sent it to me to read and review (and interview Scott if I want!) before its release on June 5th. I started it this week and will do a proper review when I finish it. As he didn’t come from an athletic family or background I am interested to see how his love for ultra running developed. Running 50 mile races has always interested me so maybe this will be EXTRA inspiring! He is also doing a book signing/Q&A at the Harvard bookstore if anyone is interested

It is a long weekend so lots of working out and hanging out to be had. Oh, and grad school work! Did a short jog today and am heading up to hang out with Meg and Justin now. Hoping to head out for a ride tomorrow!


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  1. Bread and brews sound great to me! Side note, KJ told me to buy a new vacuum on my way home when I was at a bar. I had never bought one but she had already been through 2. I showed up with a Dyson because it looked fun. Ooooppps! But easy to use and efficient like your new blender!

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