The Travel Ordeal getting home from Texas

We had QUITE a travel day yesterday–16 hours to travel 1500 miles from Texas to Massachusetts. I knew things were going to be heading south (figuratively, we were flying north of course 🙂 ) when there was only one gate agent and 17 people in line with questions before our first flight. We ended up leaving 30 minutes late from Texas–with a 40 minutes layover we would be cutting it close!


Landed in Atlanta and had 15 minutes to get off the plane and get to another terminal (side note: the pilot told us Atlanta is the busiest airport in the world–is that true?). We ran–and post Ironman it was hilarious to see! Missed the flight by a minute.

Next flight: 6 hours away. We settled in and got comfortable in the Delta SkyClub.


Boarded our next flight and again, left late. My saint of a mother was going to be picking us up in Providence at 11:15pm and I felt bad we were going to be 30 minutes late–little did I know what was in store!

We got close to Providence, begin landing, only to suddenly be pushed back in our seats as the pilot heading straight back up. Apparently, he couldn’t see the runway. Another try of that and he let us know it wasn’t happening and we were being diverted. Panic ensued! It’s almost midnight, there’s 200 people on the plane, and my mother is waiting in PVD!


Got into Hartford at 1am, hobbled off the plane and booked it to the car rental place because I was not hanging around any longer than I had to! PWs luggage was, of course to keep in line with the night, not at the airport. We rented a car ($180 dollars for 12 hours!!!) and drive the 80 minutes home.


Check what time time we finally arrived:




And yes, also check out we had XM radio. How did I live without the 90’s station before this?


Since this took so long I figured the least they owe me is Biscoffs!


Spent the day driving-the rental car back, picking up the dogs, going to the grocery store etc. The dogs are missing the in-laws house though, it’s like Club Med over there!!


It is nice to be home–maybe this hilarious day is my punishment for wanting to move to Texas? Ha!


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