Texas Barbecue at a gas station!

Yesterday was our typical day after smorgasbord. PW got up at some ridiculous hour (4? After going to bed at 1am???) and I lounged around trying to sleep off my sunburn (didn’t work). Then we went to our ritual post race breakfast with the Snows. Buffet style, the Hyatt doesn’t mess around. That led us directly to awards!

Because PW is awesome and fast, he won his age group (not to brag, but I’m about to brag)–by 15 minutes! He had a 9 minute PR and went 9:10. He averaged almost 23mph on the bike (a 4:55)! Got this nice hunk of wood as an award:

Went back to the hotel post awards so PW could break down all the bikes for people leaving that afternoon/night. Headed out for some barbecue at a gas station after. I think it’s the Boston in me but I was a little wary of the whole smoked meat/gas station connection but it ended up being AWESOME!

They even separate their sauces so you don’t overachieve with them!

Headed to the Airport this morning at 8:45 but our flight left late. Significantly late, and with a 40 minute layover in Atlanta it wasn’t looking promising. We landed at 2:40 and our connection left at 2:50. PW did the best we could do–we ran 1.5 miles across the airport from terminal to terminal but didn’t make it. And we were hauling! Unfortunately we are currently stuck in the airport–which is closed due to the weather (seriouslyyyy!), and I don’t know when we will get home! Making the best of it in the Delta SkyClub, filling up on free Biscoffs and Chex Mix.

Luckily I have a new book to read (has anyone read any Jen Lancaster?) and a husband who can eat anything he wants for the next seven days. Making the best of these 6 hours! Hoping to find some frozen yogurt to ease the pain of the delay….


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  1. Gas Station and BBQ can even happen in MA.

    Check out http://www.commonwealthbbq.com/ — okay so it is a former gas station but we are not in the South so that is the best you can do up here.

    Food is good if you like that sort of thing and you know I do. Start prepping for Meatfest!!!

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